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Re doing Week 5 *sigh*

So I'd done run 2 of weeks 5 and really enjoyed it and was gearing up for run 3 but then I got the woman's version of the dreaded man flu. I did get up to do the run but then felt quite sick and dizzy and thought against it.

A week and a bit later despite still having a runny nose and my cough not quite left the building I've decided to start week 5 again to build myself up to the dreaded run 3.

I did run 1 this morning and it was quite strange running in the nearly light at 5.45am!

Enjoyed it though and I'm glad I've got back in the saddle as it were as if it had been a year or so ago, I wouldn't have bothered and would have just given up.....

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Well done :) It really is dispiriting to be held up by the dreaded man (or woman) flu. You follow Laura religiously, running when she says run, taking a day off when she says so, and then you have to let Laura down :(

But youve done exactly the right thing. Take it back to a run you feel comfortable with, and continue, when you feel healthy enough. Well done again, hope you are feeling fully recovered soon.


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