Just had to share Week 5 Run 3 Completed !

This morning I told my OH no matter what he has to make me go for a run this evening. So when I got home from work I was making a lot of excuses to not have to go do the dreaded w5r3! But eventually I found the motivation and so began the 5 min warm up walk. I decided not to go as fast as I would normally as I wanted to keep my energy, but soon Laura's voice was telling me to run........

So off I started at a slightly reduced rate to normal with 20 minutes feeling like an eternity!

But slowly and steady the time went by and then before long I heard 2 minutes to go ....... then Laura telling me I did it!

I am embarrassed to admit that I did burst into tears as the feeling of relief of managing the full 20 minutes was too much for me . Then I think I was smiling from ear to ear as I finished the slow down walk.

So if anyone is worried about Week 5 Run 3 I would advise to just take it slow and if I can do it anyone can :D

Onward to week 6 which is where I failed last time so hoping to start this Thursday

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11 Replies

  • Well done. Nothing wrong with having a cry. You did it and so you should feel proud of yourself. You'll get through week 6 as we will all be here to cheer you on.

  • That's fantastic, well done! A great one to get done, and you will be fine with W6, stay steady and positive. Enjoy your running x

  • A major running milestone under your belt. Well done and good luck for all your future runs. Now you know that you really can do it.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Hooray! Well done! I just completed W6R1, so only a little bit further on than you. It feels great to get it done doesn't it. I never thought it would be possible. Still nervous about what is to come but steadily getting through them. Good luck!!

  • Congratulations, a great achievement

    W5R3 I think is the second milestone of C25K. The first being getting out to do W1R1. W5R3 is hard though, but you so did the right thing, slow and steady. In fact slow and steady is the way to approach the whole thing now. You will be running longer and further from hereon, it is all too easy to get carried away and injure your self.

  • Good for you! Well done. Don't be surprised, after the euphoria of week5r3 if the interval run in week 6 r1 seems hard - you will get through week 6 and once you have done that, you are almost there! Graduate in no time at all. Just remember the slow and steady - it's the right thing to do, stick with it and enjoy the runs.

  • Congrats - I just made that milestone this morning too!!! It feels great doesn't it. I felt so proud - didn't think i could do it at the start when I heard it was going to be 20 mins non stop. The only problem was my poor dog wanting to stop for a poo and I kept him going til the end of the 20 mins so I didn't have to stop :-)

  • Well done to you too :D Feel a little for your dog though! We will soon be doing 30 minutes non stop, that is quite a strange thing to say. Go us !!

  • Yay - go us! I just had a bit of a disaster on Week 6 run 3 this morning. Just after the 20 minutes mark when I was feeling tired but great and it was a personal best for me ever, my dog made a lunge and ran for a duck or goose in the river. He (22 kilo border collie) pulled me so hard that I fell to the ground to avoid falling into the river. I ended up with scraped elbows, knees and face and covered in dirt. However, I got up and started to carry on after dusting myself off, but he then needed to "go", so I tried to jog on the spot but I was so knackered by then. I bent down to pick up the poo with my poo bag and felt faint and had to sit down for a few minutes. But I did get up again and started running through the five minute cool down to make up for the lost few minutes, so I did 25 mins in total. I will try to do the week 6 run 3 again non-stop in a couple of days before moving on to week 7, but Yes - we will soon be running 30 minutes - I can't believe it. I am 52 and haven't run for that long since cross country running at school nearly 40 years ago! In fact don't think I ever ran for a whole 20 minutes even then. Good luck with completing the program - we will probably finish around the same time I think. And I certainly know it is doing me good, and my dog is loving it.

  • Thanks Norabzil

    I have just gone W5r2 and have r3 looming. Slow and steady it is then! Reading the posts of those who have managed it really does help, so thank you for letting us know. I suspect I too shall be crying on Saturday, whether in joy or frustration remains to be seen :-)

  • Glad to be of help to someone. I cannot stress the slow and steady enough. Did you manage your Run on saturday? it would be nice to hear how you got on :)

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