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Just finished Week 5

Somehow, I just ran 20 minutes straight about an hour ago. I ache a little, but I finished it.

I really dreaded this run. I was meant to run it a week ago, but ended up missing it as I was moving house and tired myself out so badly that I restarted week 5 on Monday of this week. This whole week left me scared if I am honest; I thought I could handle 3 5-minute runs, but two 8-minute runs? And then running 20 minutes straight seemed like a pipe-dream...

I got past 20 minutes in one go though, so Laura was right about that.

The issue for me is that I was starting to wonder if I really needed Laura any more. In the early weeks, her encouragement was vital, but I am starting to find her a little less than inspiring. I'm running along, getting through the lengthening periods, and then her cheerful voice tells me that I've run for about two-thirds as long as I thought I had. Added to that, she has a tendency to say 'you might be feeling a little tired' when I feel like I want to collapse and die.

Of course, it might not help that I seem to have a cold coming on. I had a bit of a dry throat while I was running in spite of my drinking lots of water, but it's now become a sandpaper feeling. Hope it passes by Monday...

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Well done on completing Wee 5. I confess I gave up on Laura for today's W5R3 and used my own music as I did NOT wish to be given updates of how far I was through the 20mins run. I knew from the distance when I'd be nearly at 20 minutes and just checked my watch. By chance I started the run at 20 to the hour, so didn't even have to remember an 'odd' time!


Well done on your run! Know what you mean about the time checks, they're great for the early, short runs, but it gets a bit dispiriting to have 5 minutely updates when you've got 28 minutes to stagger through! But DO listen next week, esp to run 3, when Laura tells you you're now a runner. Brought tears to my eyes....

Hope you're soon over your cold. This crummy weather doesn't help.


I suppose I'll keep listening, but I am really looking forward to having my own music after I finish.

Now I think about it, I am apparently doing 2.6 miles (including warm-ups) each time according to Run Keeper, so I might have to find a new route if I want to hit 3 miles (5K) of running by the end of week 9...


Well done. I must have finished week 5 at the same time as you. Does that make us c25k twins? I too found it relatively easy but I did the same as swanscot and for the first time didn't listen to Laura. I find it difficult when she says there's only a minute to go. That last minute takes forever.

I hope the cold doesn't develop and you have a good w6.


I started listening to my own music at about this time, although you do need to listen to the last run of next week! Running to my own music made me keep going. To be honest it's whatever gets you through. Well done and keep going! I graduated last week and to treat myself am off to get some new trainers!! That always helps too!!


Well done PoC you have worked hard for that.


Congratulations on finishing week five can not wait to get there am half way through week two, I must confess I have not actually listened to any of the pod-casts while actually running but that is because money is tight at the moment and I do not have an I pod that actually works, plus was a bit worried about running with headphones in and traffic around. I use the stop watch on my mobile phone to time out the splits and keep track in my head of how many runs left to go seems to work at the moment, not sure if listening to Laura would help me more or not! I have found that there is a point where my screen goes black on the phone this usually means I am half way through the 90 seconds and then I pick a lamp post or something in the distance and aim for that hoping I make it LOL


Well done all of you. I hope to be saying I've completed Week 5 by Wednesday! To run for 20 minutes is fantastic.


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