Goodbye week 5

This week has been a turning point both mentally and physically and it's all positive thanks to an amazing programme that we are all on. I hadn't run since school sports day at the age of 12. - that was 32 years ago!!! Never in my wildest dreams 5 weeks ago would I have believed I would run for 20 mins without stopping and yes I did it today. I actually enjoyed the run up to about 15 mins and then got a really high up stitch which upset my breathing but I relaxed and breathed deeper and stood up as tall as I could and didn't stop........when Laura said 2 mins left I couldn't get the wide grin off my face.....Sooooo pleased with myself and the last 5 weeks and I know the next 4 are all challenging from reading the posts but the programme has got me this far I have full faith in Laura to take me to the end....

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  • Well done that final week 5 run is amazing

  • Week 5 is a major threshold and you have crossed it. Congratulations! Keep running,keep smiling.

  • How funny we must have done the run at the very same time! I, too have just competed w5r3!! I am also 43 :-) well done, I know exactly how you feel to achieve it, I do too!!!! Enjoy the rest of the say on a high xx

  • Well done on passing a major turning point in the programme. It's a great feeling. On to week 6 now. Treat it with respect, go very slow and steady (it's a tough week) and you will win through. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.

  • Well done! Best of luck with Week 6 - it's tougher than it looks... "Slow and steady" and you'll do it! Well done on getting so far.. that's over a month of running now!

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