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W5R3 - Tick - Done - Completed ... Woo hoo :-)

Well chuffed with myself.... I can officially confirm that completing W5R3 is more "mind" over "muscle". I took a nice slow pace (avg 9min/km) and just kept plodding. When finished, I did the warm down walk and took another little run back home.

Yes, the plan works... still recall the struggle during the early weeks.

Ever onward... W6R1 on Monday if weather permits!!

Slow_Rob - Look forward to hearing how you get on with yours and anyone else about to tackle this one.

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hi Andy WELL DONE knew you had it in you :D I was almost temtped to run this evening but thought no need that days rest . Should be doing it by 9am tomorrow , will post as usual :D have a good weekend Andy and well done again :D


Oh well done ! See it's not that bad when you're actually on it and now you know that if you can do 20 mins the 30 mins at the end of the programme suddenly looks very achievable doesn't it ?


Thanks... you are right, it wasn't so bad and yes it does make 30mins feel achievable especially as the weeks leading up to it will be lots of single long runs.


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