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Week 1 Run 2

Week 1 Run 2,

Just back from my 2nd run after a day off...the days rest helped & after doing a 12 hour shift yesterday I slept like a up this morning, day off from work I would normally sleep until around 11 if I was not due to work in the evening.

But this morning was different although I felt a bit stiff I decided to do run 2 in Regents Park which is a stones throw from my flat...after the first run guess what?...instead of walking for 90 seconds I carried on running!!!! When I got to the 3rd interval I did walk for 90 seconds I felt great!!!.

After run 2 which I will do again on Saturday I brought a bunch of bananas, water & a prawn they tasted good.

I can already feel the benefits of starting this program....

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Woooohoooo way to go. Well done ;-)


Thanks Belindauk....


Wait until you get to the end of the programme. You're going to feel fantastic! Well done for starting!


Thanks Beek a great way to spend a day off from work!!!!!


Well done. Just starting here in sunny sarf Lundun!


Cheers Bazzer_2 lots of hills in south london....!!


Sounds perfect! And a little bit like you're addicted already... :)

Hehehe... you're in good company then...

Well done!


mos def :-) ;-)


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