Week 2, Run 2

Just completed my second run of week 2 :-) it didn't feel any worse than Monday's session, maybe a little easier. It was much colder this morning than in previous days, I was actually wishing the warm up would hurry up, so I could start the first 90 seconds ! I think I may look at some warmer running kit at the weekend.

The second to last 90 seconds seemed soooooo slow, I thought it would never end. Whereas on the last 90 seconds I must have zoned out completely as no sooner had I started, Laura was telling me my time was up :-) It also seemed that during todays session, I was able to maintain a 'brisk walk' rather than my usual 'I think I'm dieing' pace, however this made me feel as if my run was too slow, so had to be careful not to push myself to hard, to early.

Run 3 is planned for Friday and despite the upset to my plans due to work, I'm intending on completing it as usual on Friday but in the afternoon rather than in the morning.


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  • Well done! I think around week 3 I noticed my "brisk walk" (lol) sometimes felt faster than my jog, but so long as you get round, that's what counts as you're still building stamina.

    Even my slowest jog takes more effort than walking anyway.

    What do you wear to run? I'm looking at warmer kit too, the cold has been my friend so far but is going to become a problem sooner rather than later now we're getting into Autumn.

  • I've got 3/4 running bottom and a short sleeved from Karrimor. I'll probably buy longer bottoms and long sleeved tops and maybe some gloves for when it gets really cold!

    Once I was moving more I was fine but like you say, it's only gonna get colder !

  • Have a look in Lidl for gear - they often have really good stuff in for not much money. I got a pair of running trousers with wicking and a wind proof panel down the front of the thighs for less than a tenner! They're really comfy and warm now the colder weather is here. Lidl do all sorts of tops too and their cycling gear is very good and reasonably priced. Someone commented to me the other day that I looked the part. I pointed out to them that looks can be deceiving! Good luck to everyone!

  • Thanks for the tip, I'll check Lidl out as we have one that isn't to far for work :-)

  • Hi clare7645, I also did wk2r2 this morning !! And like you the last of the runs was the best out of the lot !! :-) as for the running gear, I need larger than I've seen cloths as I am a size 22 !! Any idea where I can go for it ? And well done on the run ;-).

  • Hi Gwencole, I have you tried simplybe.co.uk they have a range of sports wear and go up to size 32

    Good Luck for Run3 :-)

  • Thanks clare7645, I will have a look at simplybe :-)

  • Great job! Weeks 1 and 2 are still very vivid in my mind as weeks I really don't want to ever repeat! You are doing great! Its better to have a s...l...o...w... pace :-) then to burnout and not finish the run or the program. Looking forward to more updates!

  • Thanks gdeann, I feel great, my next huddle is to stick to schedule past week 3. When I did a run / walk programme before, I never had the confidence to get past week 1, which I repeated for three weeks. This time it feels so different though :-)

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