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Hated week 2 run 1

I felt amazing finishing week one. This morning I was planning on an early morning run before work but after another rubbish nights sleep I snoozed my alarm and just got up for work. I was determined not to lose the pattern of my runs though so I came home from work and went off. I hated every second of it today :( my legs hurt and so did my feet run 4 is when it always goes wrong and I struggle today I couldn't even face it so walked it (up hill) then I added in the run at the end when I somehow managed to muster the energy to run. I actually ran an extra 2 small intervals be cause I felt like I hadn't worked hard enough and I felt a failure. On Sunday I felt great after my run today I was dripping with sweat and my legs hurt lots. There was no euphoria either :( maybe running after 8 hours at work isn't so good for me. Roll on Thursday let's hope it's better. Maybe I need a shorter route too as I do 45 min 2.6mile route around the village.

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Well done for getting out there and doing it. No such thing as failure on here. You didn't sit on the couch and another run is ticked off. Have a look and see if there is a slightly flatter route or go really slowly when going up a hill. We all have bad runs. I had an awful one a couple of weeks ago. Everyone is different I can run after work but need to leave it until a couple of hours after a light dinner. If I run straight free work with no food I really struggle. The next run will be better. Good luck


Yes, we don't allow the "F" word on here, you did your run didn't you? Success! And you did a bit extra at the end didn't you? Success! I do know what you mean, sometimes there is no euphoria, when that happens to me I think it is maybe because I overdid it....every one is different in when it suits them to run, I like mornings then it's over for the day! Some people like evenings, you will have to find what works best for you. Most of us find after a not so good run that the next one is really good! Well done for sticking with it, good luck! XX


Well done you! I didn't find the W2R1 that great either! In fact I wondered how running 1 minute extra overall could seem so much more difficult than week 1. Just did my second run this morning and it was much better so hope yours is the same :) Good luck for tomorrow


I found week 2 hard (I'm on w6 & would say that w2 was the toughest for me). My problem was my pace (oh, and breathing and not really knowing how to run properly), I think...looking back, I think I was exhausting myself - the bit just above my knees was really sore, too. I got through it (smiled at the end) and week 3 was a turning point - working on breathing and slowing my pace; getting some good advice here and googling a bit helped. A bit of a route change worked for me too. You are certainly not a failure - you were out there and not on the couch. Good luck with that Thursday run. Let us know how you get on :D


my first run of week 2 was killer - didnt enjoy it either! i felt better on run two but not run 3 (done it at lunch time and was way too hot) then on a rest day i did a week one run and it gave me so much joy to think that a week before i had struggled doing it and now it was a breeze! which got me geared up for week 3 r1 (enjoyed the run but legs were in pain)

so try and keep pushing - maybe do a W1R in place of a W2R on day, (still do 3 W2 runs tho) so it takes a week and a bit but will give u a boost


Hi mamawitch,

Can only echo others comments about it not being a failed run, and that sometimes you just have a bad one. Put it behind you and crack on with run 2 - you'll probably have a completely different experience next time. I know it knocks your confidence, especially after a good start, but try not to feel too despondent.

Take your rest day, and then get back out there. Be gentle with yourself mentally and physically - this is a new skill you're teaching yourself. I know it took me a few runs to get my pacing right - I started off running far too quickly and ended up exhausting myself before the end.

Try to go slowly (I was surprised at how tricky - yet necessary - it is to run slowly). The aim of the game is to make sure you complete the session, no matter how long it takes you, Some helpful advice I've read on here is to start off very gently, making sure you've got plenty left in the tank. When the end is in sight, perhaps with one or two of your intervals left you can see how you're feeling. If you're getting tired then drop the pace even further, and if you're feeling energetic then that's the time to up the effort a little bit if you want to.

Maybe you could change something about your run for next time? I had a horrible run that put me right off, so when I did the next one I listened to something different and went a slightly different route. I also did it at a different time of day. Coincidentally, my crappy run was just like yours - immediately after a hard Tuesday at work! I felt rubbish, and was even umming and ahhing on here about whether I should do my next run on the Thursday. I was persuaded to give it a go, and it was loads better just like people said it would be! :)

Best of luck with your W2R2 and do let us know how it hoes :)


Sounds like we were in the same boat yesterday - both had a poor sleep and both wanted to get up early and do a week 2 run.

I did manage to drag myself out of bed and get out the door - I've got another post on here about my effort. I'm glad I did it. If I hadn't made myself get up I wouldn't have run at all yesterday. Mainly because I just wouldn't have had the chance later, but also I just don't think I'd want to run after work.

Next time get your backside out of bed and out the door ;)

In regard to a shorter route, if you fancied a bit of a change, could you not just turn round at the halfway point in your run rather than carry on round the full circuit?


Yeah I was thinking I might just turn round rather than do a long circuit. Maybe I could just do the long route on my days off when I don't have the extra exhaustion of work. I am going to drag myself out of bed in the morning and get out and just do a quick 30mins before work. :)


Well....*taps foot, looks at watch*...did you do it? ;)


It is a big step up, but I know you can do it. Sounds like it was more a mental block than a physical one. Well done for getting out there and running full stop! Keep it up!


Thanks for all the supportive replies. This is such a lovely place :)


Hi Mama, can only echo what everyone else has said.

Good runs/bad runs they all count, they are all miles on the legs, you did it. Job completed , done and dusted, file it away and move on.

You can do this , don't let them head gremlins tell you otherwise ! You are doing great, keep going, onwards always :-) xxx


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