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Running with Rico

Running with Rico

Bank holiday monday and it's cold and raining out. Get my gear on add bum bag with doggy treats and poo bags, dog whistle and I'm ready. Rico came out then lay down and refused to move. Oh well - solo run again. Put Rico back in. Go out the front door and he starts barking. So I went back in and got him, straining to get out. Fickle dog. We set off up the hill and did a fairly gentle 7k. 7k before breakfast in 50 mins.

Why so long/slow? Everything was going well. I decided I was happy to do a run/walk as Rico had deigned to come with me. He stopped a few times but mostly trotted happily along behind me as I huffed and puffed up the hills. There was the stop for crab apples and then brambles are in season; there's even a small plum tree on the route and he finds them all but I digress. We got to the sawmill turned right and headed for the long downhill.

As I got about 2/3rds down the hill I disturbed something in the undergrowth and Rico took off like a bullet. A fairly large deer was his target and they flew away into the trees. Much whistling and calling later the bold boy returned minus the deer (thankfully he hasn't caught one yet) and we continued down the hill.

When I got to the cross roads to go past the farmhouse he lay down and refused - he'd had enough (probably recovering from his deer chasing) so we headed up another hill and then I walked the rest to cool down.

No PBs, Not a great time but a really nice jog with my dog.

I did think when I first went out I'm going to have to think about getting some warmer running gear, maybe something for the rain. Then when I returned sweaty and steaming I thought maybe it's not required just yet.

What do seasoned runners have for the colder, wetter weather?

Hope you all have great runs today.

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Very similar KittyKat we also have badgers and bats (had a badger living under the shed at the bottom of the garden one year). Hadn't seen Rico for 2 weeks so I was easy on him but he definitely has his ways ;-)


Hi GF :)

Dogs are funny creatures aren't they? I took my dog on a huge open beach last week to do my intervals and she got all upset about it... started off running with me but gradually slowed down and eventually layed down shaking!! I don't know if she thought I was trying to get away from her but after a quick stroke and some encouraging words she was up running with me again, tail wagging!

I think the open space may have made her wonder what the point was - there was nothing to chase (apparently I'm not worthy prey!)

About the running clothes, I haven't run for a year yet so I'm no expert but I would say dress for temperature rather than weather. Running clothes are never going to keep you dry but I tend just to allow for that extra 10 degrees of temperature then the getting wet etc doesn't matter because you're likely to be hot anyway. If it's really cold later in the year then I've seen special breathable hats and gloves in sportsdirect. I'm still running in shorts and vest tops at the moment :)

Happy running to you


Thanks I_will. I agree I think it is more a temperature thing as my clothes get wet from sweat anyway


Ah how lovely - and what a beautiful dog :)


Thanks Ejbirdy you graduate you ;-)

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Sounds like a lovely run with your dog. He must have needed the rest. They are wiser than us and know when to stop.

It was hot out there once you got going. I was running today and very wet it was too. I had my jacket tied round my middle from the off as I knew I'd end up too hot if I tried to run in it


Definitely and he also knows the shortest way home for breakfast.


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