Run with Rico

Short run today as on taxi duty. Got up and ran with Rico when he wanted to sniff I walked when he caught up I ran. Interesting interval technique but I absolutely loved it. 5k in 37 mins. No music, lots of mud, pooch snoozing now.

Had a great run in Hyde Park on Friday. A new VO2 max of 42 and did 5k in under 30 mins. First time I've run with another person and I found it really smooth. Could have gone faster too which was nice. Festivities took their toll later ;-)

Hope you all have great runs today!


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17 Replies

  • Sounds like a wonderful run!

  • Thanks teabreaks it was brill

  • I love a good dog determined run-walk. It makes for a very enjoyable outing for all parties.

    And the Hyde park run sounds great! Was your running mate about your speed? I've only run a few times with my other half and he's much faster than me. I always wonder if I'd like running with others.

  • Yes my pal is about the same pace but found the run tougher than he thought he would. He did Couch25K a couple of years ago and also belongs to a running club so is more experienced but we just chatted as we ran. There are really only gentle inclines in the park which was a lot easier than the Surrey Hills. My pal said for me to choose the pace and I settled around 6 minutes a 1k but then tried for negative splits on the miles which worked well for me. When we hit the 3rd mile I sprinted to get to 5k whereas my pal was finding it tough then so settled for just finishing. Overall though we both enjoyed it and marvelled at how we would rather run than go for a pint although we then made up for it during the afternoon and evening ;-)

  • Good time to be running I think! It takes some of the stress out of Christmas mania. Not got this, forgot that, do this, do that!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    So, this morning after Tesco delivery man had departed and I had instructed my OH to stash the lot anywhere it would fit, I got togged up and went out for a planned "comfortable" run. It was bliss. Music on for the first time in ages, now that my manky ear is better, running to Sami Murphy Bridge to 10 k. I thought she'd kick my butt. She did! Slowed it down, speeded it up as the mood took me.

    Home to hot coffee and a homemade energy bar.

    Next job clean the oven. Lovely! Tsk It's got to be cleaned ready for muckying it again.

  • Sounds great MissW haven't listened to Sami for a while now maybe Tuesday. Can't clean our oven as it has red cabbage cooking in it ;-)

  • Oh god, you're all making me hungry!

  • I was wondering where Rico was? Can just imagine those intervals! the Hyde Park run sounds fab. Did you see anyone famous? Apparently that's where the "celebs" run!

  • Oooh no I didn't but will keep an eye out next time. ;-)

  • Take pics as well :)

  • Will do teabreaks

  • sounds like a lovely run, well done Rico...and what is a VO2 Max??

  • It's a measure of lung capacity and how fit you are. VO2 max is a measure of the maximum volume of oxygen that an athlete can use. It is measured in millilitres per kilogramme of body weight per minute (ml/kg/min) ;-)

  • How do you measure it?

  • My Garmin 620 does that for me. It is to do with heart rate

  • Oh thanks! I had visions of you running in a gimp mask...

  • Not sure I could ;-)

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