What do you do with a day off?

What do you do with a day off?

Obviously you get up early and try for 10k.

Got up early, running gear on, set off. Damn man flu is still bugging me. Forgot my heart rate monitorso had to listen to the gremlins. It wasn't pretty, a fair bit of walking and some flat out. Overall my 10k was in 1:07:00 which as I am still not right I will take anyday.

Other highlights(?) nearly throwing up after swallowing a fly or it might have been a spider. The sun coming up. Turning back down a hill to get to my 10k even though it got me heading away from home.

No Rico today as he is off walking with my OH. Here is a picture though as he is my little ray of sunshine.

Happy weekend everyone mine has already started!


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  • You could always go back to bed - it's not too late, and we all know how serious man flu is. Well done on doing the run.

  • Ha ha bless im, his own personal rays! Good on you for getting out there. You still have the rest of the day in front of you. You could go back to bed or have a fab breakfast. Watch a bit of telly and relax. You need to recover from your run and your cold

  • Thanks MW. Yes I love the photo. Love your new 13.1 icon

  • Thanks DownNotUp what doesn't kill you makes you stronger

  • Blimey GF, Man flu or not, that is an amazing achievement, Well done !

    Good for you for not letting it drag you down .

    That is a fab photo, aw look at Rico basking in the rays, its like hes got his very own sunbeam ha ha :-D xxx

  • Thanks poppypug I love him just sitting lapping up the ray

  • Not one to lay about are you GF? :)

    Well done - I'd be happy enough with that time on a good day... let alone a man-flu day! :)

    Rico seems to be taking a walk/run approach too... :)

  • Indeed thaks Aussie. I used to love a lie in but now prefer running. I blame this forum!

  • Indeed! I do note you're also top of the leader board in Garmin Connect this week... I'm 8k behind you... you machine! Darn technology making us all competitive!

  • Nooooooo I'd never even noticed there was a leader board. Aussie what have you done?? How will I stop checking myself against everyone else, now I know it's there?

    Very well done GettingFitter, I'd be more than delighted to 'settle' for that time over 10k :) I love that picture of 'Saint' Rico basking in heavenly approval. ;)

  • Thanks EpicMum I can't see a leaderboard?

  • Perhaps it's all just in Aussie's imagination ;) Haha :D

  • ooh that sounds good where is that then. I can't see a leaderboard is it in the garmin connect app?

  • Now I've found it. brilliant. I will be checking it all the time

  • Nooooo, it is real then!! I'm going to have to go looking for it now :)

  • It's on the modern view under connections

  • That's the one.... sorry! It resets on a Sunday evening... :) So I occasionally get ahead on a Sunday long run only to have it reset! :)

  • So best to run Mon, Wed, Fri ;-)

  • Lovely photo. Cute pooch. :)

  • Thank you

  • Beautiful photo of Rico pooch. Looks like he is about to be beamed up!

    Probably throwing up after the fly/spider is the best thing, otherwise you would have to continue down the swallow a cow I don't know how, horse, etc. route. :)

  • I didn't manage to eject whatever it was so just put it down to added protein. The very song that went through my head at the time ;-)

  • Well done you! That's great! Lovely photo. What a fab way to start a day!

  • Thanks Toonlou it's been a bit slow since

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