Rico's way

Not happy. Got up early to do 10k my other half is away looking at unis with dear daughter. Took Rico who behaved for a little while then it all went wrong. Muntjac deer decided to cross our path while I was going up hill. That was it Rico was off giving chase. For a dog who had been hanging back he'd obviously saved his speed for the chase. So I waited and called and waited and called. Eventually he deigned to return and off we went again. He still had the adrenelin flowing as we galloped up the hill.

Then I got him back on the lead to cross the road. Took his lead off again and away we went. Then he dropped back and stopped. Clean up on aisle 4. Safely stowed off we go again another hill and he dropped back and back. I spotted the pheasant first so got him back on the lead while he sniffed around.

He would not move so I stood and he lay down in a battle of wills. That I decided was the end of 10 K today. I gave in let him off the lead but the pheasant was long gone and the trail had gone cold.

He hung back looking sheepish as I ran home - definitely in the dog house today.

6.05k total in 60 mins (quite a bit of which was stationary). Moving time was only 44 mins. Hardly felt worth stretching at the end but I did. Even more galling I forewent my beer last night as I wanted to see the effect today and I did feel brilliant when I set off.

Hope you all have better runs today

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19 Replies

  • Oh dear poor Rico. No treats today then, eh?

    You're so funny GF, when you say "moving time was ONLY 44 minutes" . Do you hear that? How do you think your old self, before c25k, would have reacted to that? Mmmm exactly.

  • I know my aspirations have changed quite a bit since April. it's just I really wanted to do 10k today.

  • Rico obviously had other ideas! You'll do 10k next time.

  • Without him ;-)

  • Well done. My dog wouldn't let me run a second let alone 6.05k ;-)

  • Thanks Belinda sometimes I think he's doing his puppy FRAPs again even though he's 3

  • Ha ha my dog is just over a year and a boxer so I guess he will act like a puppy forever ;-) I was going to get a running lead for him but decided against it for a bit ;-)

  • A great post - Another doggie adventure! I can just imagine you stood there waiting while Rico went on his own adventure. not the best running buddy if you have a target but a great running buddy for entertainment and companionship on runs! Give Rico a big hug !

  • Will do Vixchile as you say not the best running buddy but I wouldn't change him

  • Lol, oh dear (no pun intended ;) ). It sounds like Rico was doing his own interval training ;) Still, you were out there running and another 6k under your belt ;)

  • Yes it's obvious who was taking who for a walk. Will have to get him back into obedience classes ;-)

  • Or use him as a pacer for your interval runs :)

  • Ah funny post, sounds like a gorgeous dog :)

  • Yes he is lovely if not very obedient

  • I'd like one of those leads that attaches to a belt round your middle but I think the dog would drag me to my death. Nut case he is! He has already dragged me down a railway embankment. I was saved by a tree! Ah the pleasure of running with dogs. Not!!

    It sounds like you'll be running the next 10 k without Rico

  • Absolutely MW might have another go tomorrow but the beer and wine has been flowing ;-)

  • Hah I can picture your run exactly! I run with my dog on a lead and when we see the deer, the rabbits, the wild turkey, squirrels it can be a little tricky!!

  • Wild turkey sounds challenging

  • When they trot across the road in a group Into the woods I practically get dragged into the woods too!

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