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W3 R1 now history


90 second run was pleasingly no problem - 1st 3 min run picked up a slight stitch towards the end but not too bad but the 3 min walk I did appreciate - the slight stitch stayed with me for the second 90 sec and 3 minute run so slowed a little but as ever encouraged by Michael Johnstone was able to complete it all so chuffed with that. Positively looking forward to W3 R2 .

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Fantastic, it’s funny how much you look forward to the next run! I’ve just done W2 R2 and I was dreading it, but now I’ve done it all I want to do is go out to do R3! Well done for keeping going despite the stitch!

FGB1 in reply to naaatsh92

Thanks very much and all the best with R3 it’s all worth the effort isn’t it

naaatsh92 in reply to FGB1

So much, I still can’t believe the amazing feeling you get after the run!


Good job... the hard work from previous weeks is kicking in nicely... keep on running.

FGB1 in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thanks - will give it my best shot

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