Trying to stay positive

Dear C25K friends

It's now been almost a week since my last run. My foot/heel is more painful than ever even though I have been trying to rest it, as far as possible within the constraints of everyday life. I've had a couple of nice cycle rides and have been trying to read up on what the problem might be: obviously plantar fasciitis is a strong possibility, although the symptoms don't quite fit that; a stress fracture to the calcaneous bone is another.... but with the pain getting worse, it's a bit difficult not to be discouraged. I had to go into Cambridge today to do some errands and ended up walking, very slowly, more than I had expected (back and forth to the Apple store while they repaired/replaced my new iphone) and all I'm good for now is sitting on the sofa resting my leg with another dose of ibuprofen! I've taken all the advice about RICE and it seems to be worse rather than better.

I have an appointment with a good sports podiatrist on Wednesday but guess I might go and see the doctor tomorrow as maybe an x-ray would be a good idea.

I'm really missing my evening runs and today don't even feel like going for a cycle ride, which is unlike me.

Sorry to winge. It's just so disheartening to have made such good progress and I had such high hopes of running 10k at the end of September to raise money for children in Africa. I know it's not a big problem in the larger scheme of things and I'm grateful for a sympathetic husband and a nice place to rest my foot.

Thanks for reading this far. I hope you've all had lovely Sundays.


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7 Replies

  • Oh bad bad news Pip. Do go to the GP and get an accurate diagnosis. If you know exactly what the problem is, you will be able to tell the podiatrist and they can be of more help to you.

    I can really sympathise with you, having not run for nearly 6 weeks. Despite the best efforts of my lovely physio, if I do anything other than sit about, my knee is really sore, so I'm off to the GP again too. We both need x-rays or scans by the sound of it, to get to the root of the problem. Good luck m'dear. We will get our diagnoses and start running again!! :)

  • Occasional injuries appear to be part or the game. I'm just getting over a knee problem and back in January i had an issue with my ankle. Don't worry about it. Take some good advice as you intend to and then accept that it may take a while to get back to your previous level of performance. You'll be fine. in all probability, it's just a minor issue and will pass soon enough.

  • Ah chin up chuck , hope you get it sorted soon , best of luck :)

  • Hi Pip. It sounds like a trip to the doc is a good plan. A diagnosis would be helpful.

  • Oh dear, hopefully an Xray or scan will get to the bottom of the problem. It must be discouraging but you WILL get back out there eventually. In the mean time take it easy, good luck.

  • Thanks, everyone, for kind words and good wishes. X-ray this morning revealed no fractures, so I suppose that's good, although in some ways that probably would have been easier to treat. I've been surprised by the severity of the pain, and looking forward to seeing podiatrist tomorrow and hopefully getting to the bottom of it. In the meantime, I'm enjoying my evening cycle rides!

  • Hope your podiatry appointment went ok.

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