Mojo, Go-Mo and Thank You Samantha Murphy

I've been floundering quite a lot since graduating - couldn't seem to gel with the Stepping Stones and Stamina podcasts and it knocked my confidence a bit. I just couldn't get into my stride with them, especially when Laura was counting the beats. I'd downloaded the Samantha Murphy B210K podcasts, more out of curiosity than anything, because I certainly don't want to go for a 10K - I'm still trying to work up to the 5. Well, I've had a few days nice rest and relaxation (I'd also got a minor injury from trying the Stepping Stones ten days ago) so this morning I thought I'd try Week 1 of the Sam Murphy plan but only use part of it so that I didn't exceed 30 minutes running (tops).

What a difference! The music was so good I felt like dancing. It was great not to have to keep to a beat and I was able to get into my nice easy ploddy stride and just enjoy the music. I also changed my route just to see if that helped and it did make a difference. I actually enjoyed my run today - it was lovely. Even better, I managed the 5K in 40 minutes which is a bit better than the last time (and only time) I achieved a 5K distance. I really feel more motivated now and, later on, I might even decide to train for that 10K after all.

Laura was great for getting me through the C25K but I'm giving her a little holiday as I think Sam Murphy will be taking me through to the R4L next month. If there's a downside, it's that Sam speaks very quietly so it's not easy to hear her telling you when to walk and when to run (not a problem to me as I don't really do intervals anyway) but, otherwise, I am thoroughly enjoying these podcasts. Happy running and best wishes to one and all.


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  • Fitmo - completely agree with your comment about you cannot hear her, I am a little deaf and just never heard anything she said when I tried to use this to get to 10K and did not want the music too loud. In the end I decided I did not want to go back to walking so just kept running to the end. Must confess I now really like going out listening to Radio 2 as the news slots etc help give me an idea of time. So technically after my 10K run today I should be thanking Steve Wright and Terry Wogan who accompanied me around the course.

  • I've never thought about using a radio programme to run to (I'm not a fan of radio anyway) but it's another idea worth thinking about so may I'll give that a try sometime - be worth it for the time checks alone. Cheers.

  • She gets louder on week 2 Mo so don't worry. I was running with Sami again today and the music rocks! New music to me but I love it. I'm an old biddy, as yer know, but I'm loving these songs. I'm mad on Rhianna's Pon de Replay, you'll love it too I think. Every woman on C25k should download it and then we could all join in. As soon as you here it it'll put a spring in your step. I like Oakenfold's Starry Eyed Surprise too. There's one called "Hope it gives you Hell", which is another one that grows on you. Cheap Trick's "Surrender" is one you might remember from the 70's. Go-go's "Head over Heels" is another one great to run to. She's really done a lot of homework as they're all inspired choices for running, both lyrics and tune. You're gonna love em Mo. They really inspire me and hope they'll do the same for you. Go Mo!!!

  • Less of the 'old biddy' please - I think you may be younger than me and you sound as though you have more life in your little finger than a lot of people half your age. Thanks for the information about Sami and pointing out various songs that are good. It's new music to me as well (I tend to get stuck in a musical rut) and I'm really loving it. I've bookmarked this thread so I can read your response again! And I love the nickname you coined for me just before my graduation ....Go-Mo! Cheers.

  • Sami is a bit monosyllabic but she kicks ass! I got a bit bogged down on Week 4 but stuck with it, repeating runs, but glad I did. I use the podcasts a lot Mo and I think you will too. Very useful on long runs I find

  • Fitmo, sorry to hear you have been a bit stalled since graduation as your posts have always been so encouraging to others following in your footsteps.

    Glad you've found something you will enjoy - no stopping you now!

  • Sometimes this can happen - it seems I wasn't the only one. I just tried to practise what I preach, that there will be bad runs at times but the next might be fantastic - as happened here. I'm turning into a right Sam Murphy fan now - a couple of times I almost did break into a dance but tried to resist for fear of frightening the locals. LOL! Thanks for your support, best wishes.

  • Good to read that your mojo has returned Fitmo. I hope you continue to build on your excellent progress and continue to post updates and your fantastic encouragement to others

  • Once I graduated I always said I would continue to cheer for others coming up behind me. I was given a lot of support and encouragement when I started out and it's just my turn to do the same for others. Lots of people here also give out encouragement in abundance. I love seeing graduation posts but I also like seeing the posts where someone, having been terrified of this run, or that week, or whatever, are encouraged by posts on here and then put up their own post saying they did the run they were scared of and successfully completed it. There's a nice glow attached to that. It's a great forum. Cheers.

  • I can't find the Sam Murphy podcasts you are talking about! Please help me! :) Thank you.

  • Thank you but the link doesn't work :(

  • I've just tried it and had no problems. You could try googling Samantha Murphy B210K but it is hard to find. Good luck. Cheers.

  • The first link worked, the second one didn't. Never mind, I will persevere with the Googling - you are not kidding it's hard to find! You have sold it too well Fitmo, I totally identified with your great post. Thank you.

  • Hi KittyKat. Thank you for your comment. How are you? Haven't seen you on here for a while. Hope all well with you although have seen some of your posts today. Best wishes.

  • Then all the very best for your next run, the second of your graduation week. I look forward to seeing your successful graduation post on Friday. I knew you were due to graduate any time now. Good luck tomorrow and very best wishes.

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