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In need of some advice please!

So the last time I blogged I had successfully finished W1R2 and was feeling really good about it so far.

It's all gone a bit downhill from there..

During that last run (about 2 weeks ago now) I noticed a slight pain in the top of my foot which I ignored at first, but as I walk a total of 3 miles a day to work and back you can imagine that it got worse fairly quickly. So I went to the doctors and he told me it was just a slightly sprained ligament and that I just needed to rest. Annoying to have to stop just before completing the first hurdle, but not the end of the world I guess.

So I got the bus to work and didn't run for a week and my foot seemed to improve. However, the annoying thing is that I just can't afford to get the bus to work and back every day as it's so expensive in Brighton. I started walking to work again yesterday and initially seemed ok, but a few hours into my day and I noticed that I now not only have a tightness in the top of my foot, but there is a dull pain all the way down the left side as well (all on my left foot, righty is fine!).

Don't know if I should just bite the bullet and get the bus? Or maybe just make sure I put it up when I get home? Don't really want to go to my doctor unless I have to because he's not very approachable.

Sorry for the long post, but I'm just trying not to get disheartened because I was really enjoying what I had done so far and I want to try and keep a bit of morale so I can get back out there asap!

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That is a real shame, to be stopped just as you start! I cannot really help with medical advice, the only advice I can really give is to try and find a more approachable Dr!


Sorry to hear this but I think you really need to see a doc now as its obviously not clearing up. I think this is a "have to" moment!


Is the pain on the top of the foot, above the big toe? The bone on my left/inside foot even became tender to the touch. I had a gait analysis and found I over-pronate a little on my left foot. I was fitted with a light stability shoe and its getting better. Not to say this is what is happening to you, but a suggestion. Are you wearing trainers fit for your feet? Maybe it is time to bite the bullet and see a doc. Good luck to you! Gayle


Think of your long-term health and go see your GP. Be assertive if he tries to browbeat you... he's being paid to help you, the customer, so make sure you get "your money's worth". If it helps, make a list of your symptoms, dates etc. You'll find it helps immensely if you get a bit nervous at the doctor's. :-)


sound advice already given - need to seek medical advice! dont want to do yourself a mischief which gets worse and spreads, and and we sooooo dont want you to give up all your hard work on this program do we!!

ali :-)


Thanks guys :)

I know I should go, it's just that the first time I went he just made me feel a bit like I was wasting his time because it wasn't something more than mildly strained ligaments, even though I was limping badly. I'll just have to bite the bullet and go again I guess because I want to get back into this asap.

At the moment I have a pair of old trainers which are half decent but I've decided to treat myself to a proper pair once my foot is better as a bit of an incentive. Kind of a carrot/ donkey kinda thing haha!


oooohhhh, nothing like a promise to get you going ;-)

hope you get sorted soon and keep us posted

:-) ali


I know you are skint, but £20 to see a sports physio (should be one at a local authority sports centre somewhere near) will pay back in spades. GPs are lovely (usually) but if they're not runners or otherwise sporty they often don't really know what to advise. The other thing you could do which would be free (well only free if you are getting those new trainers) is to go to a real runners' shop where they do a gait analysis, this should rule out the possible pronation problems. I'm not an experienced runner, but I've been injured in the past and took advice from a pal who is a scary-good super-fit triathlete :) and knows more about being injured than I ever want to.


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