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Hot and sweaty in Menorca


Hi all.

Just went out for a morning run on holiday in Menorca. I thought that I would do it early while it was still cool but got to 7.5k and it was just too hot to carry on. Once I had done all my stretches, I don't know why but I have never sweated so much. It was literally like I had just stepped out of the shower!

I think I will have to get out a little earlier on Thursday morning, although my wife and daughter think that I'm mad anyway.

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Still a good distance ran though. Why don't you just go for a run before bed ;o) It'll be cool and you wont have to get up early ;o)

Jonny1Graduate in reply to paul2014

I know what you mean Paul. I have always been a morning runner though. It is that hot here at the moment that I think it would be as bad whenever I did it. Probably not a good idea anyway after food and beer though.

paul2014Graduate in reply to Jonny1

Probably not but the alcohol may numb the pain ;)


My ideal time to run is lunchtime, but I have been knocked back by the heat twice now, causing me to abandon the run before the end. The temperature was relatively hot but just about OK (27C), but when the sun was on my back too it was just too much.

I would be very happy if I had run 7.5k in the heat!!

Well done in running that distance in that heat but perhaps you should give yourself a little holiday and run shorter distances while in Menorca! Or can you use a hotel gym with air conditioning?


You may well be right irishprinces but it's maybe the competitive part of me that strives for going a bit further. I will probably stick to 5k ish distances while here.

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