w6r3 .. sweaty hot and happy !! ( ish)

i have just done the 25 min run of week 6 , i didnt find my pace until 20 mins in lol , im a late bloomer , im happy to report that i am sweaty hot but happy :) ......... although tbh i was happier before reading the treadmill is it cheating cos it made me feel a little despondant about what i have been doing , unfortunatly not everyone can get out and about , i for one find it very difficult as i suffer with anxiety and depression ,i also have medical problems which means running outdoors may not be the best i have trouble leaving the house unless im with someone i trust completely , i know i should be out enjoying the world but find it hard , i am hoping to push myself to do a parkrun but i feel i need a strong basis to work from ie the treadmill 30 mins under my belt and see what happens from there , i sometimes feel the treadmill posts are a little deflating as im still trying really hard even though im not outside , i know this is personal to me but there surely cannot only be me that feels this way , anywoos happy running , be it outdoors or treadmill xx


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  • Don't worry about side issues, just keep working your way slowly and carefully through the programme ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • thankyou , well that 25 mins i couldnt do 6 weeks ago :) !

  • It does not matter how you did it you got there as you get more confident about your ability you can go outside obviously depending on your medical issues the difference is amazing you just have to judge your own pace as the machine is doing it for you

  • thnkyou , i will get out when im ready :) happy running

  • I started on the treadmill with a 1% incline and happy to report that I've found it no harder running on the flat outside. In some ways I've found it EASIER as it's less boring. You're going really well. Be happy and proud of all you've achieved xx

  • thanku , it is very boring , but at least it got me to frame and hang 2 pictures in the room i use so ive got something less striped wallpapery to look at !! x

  • The treadmill is fine, you still have to run, its you thats doing the movement!

    You are doing so so well! Keep going runner!

  • thanks jacs , laura told me i was a runner and i cried a little , im such a baby !

  • You are a success!

  • The only reason I run outside is because I have a fear of treadmills - I just can't run on them without holding on! Does it really matter where you run, you are running. In some respects you can probably push yourself harder by increasing the speed, whereas while I am outside I think I am running, but looking at the speed I did yesterday, at one point I was 'running' slower than I had been walking. It is easy for me to say that you should try getting outside as you will enjoy it, but, once you are ready to try it, I would thoroughly recommend it.

  • LOL - when i was a small child I had a great fear of escalators. Specifically getting off them. I was convinced I was going to get dragged inside. I think som of that has carried over to my distrust of treadmills.

  • Me too! I tried a treadmill once and could not get the rhythm right. I was waddling like a duck, whilst everyone else was running gracefully around me. It was a humiliating experience I do not wish to revisit. Good for you for running on a treadmill - I can't!

  • I'm a treadmill graduate and proud! You do what makes you comfortable. I did NOT want to run outside due to weight and how jolly unfit I was. I've now ventured outdoors and although I'm finding it quite tough, if I have to repeat the whole program again outside just to be able to run the 30 minutes then so be it. Outside is nicer (although I had a lovely window to look out of and not a wall), but it has it's hazards too. I took a nice big breath before a run interval and swallowed a bug!!

    Don't let anyone tell you you're not doing great!

  • thanks for this , i know one day i will be out n about , but just not yet :) , i maybe invest in a mouth net first thou to avert bug swallowing X lol

  • Hi Secksy, I know that I am one of the C25K members in the "Treadmill! Meh! Go outside" camp. I often encourage folks to get outside for their runs.

    Your post has made me think (perhaps for the first time) about runners who find it difficult to do this. Maybe through anxiety, mobility or body-issue reasons. We pride ourselves on this forum for being inclusive, encouraging and supportive. Now I will be a little less black-and-white when I reply to questions about treadmills, and more considerate. Thank-you for teaching me this.

    We've all encouraged you that running on a treadmill is perfectly acceptable, certainly not cheating and anything that gets you though C25K is a good thing. You've made great progress getting to 25 minute runs, and graduation must now be in your sights. So well done you!

    parkrun could be great for you, but when you are ready to think about it, post back here. Perhaps some of the members can help you identify a nearby parkrun that is most suitable (not too busy, no dogs, a course where someone that you trust can accompany you)... I don't want you to feel deflated, I want you to feel elated with your running (like after your W6r3 today).



  • Thankyou so much for this lovely post , but no apology was needed x i have more words but they will probs come out wrong so i will leave it at that x im sure when i get out there i will love it but the first outdoor step for me is going to be the hardest , but i know that thanks to this forum i will always have a high five hand to slap or a pep talk when needed X happy running

  • Treadmill running is definitely not cheating, personally I find it harder than outside. Everybody is different and you have to do what is right for you. Good luck with the rest of your C25K journey and beyond.

  • You're doing just fine, in fact better than that you're doing brilliantly! It's no mean feat to get to the end of W6 wherever it's been run. Just do what you're happy with and before you know it you'll be running that Park Run.

    Go secksy34 Go ... Happy Running!

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