I banished the demons this morning and conquered my old 10k route I haven't done for months. The last time I did it I got to 3k, and had to ring the GP as I couldn't breathe....then ended up getting loads of inhalers for my asthma. All good now, but I had a mental block about it...

I did it wearing my usual vest, capri's, buff and sweatband and I was BAKING. I squirted loads of water all over myself and made a point of jumping in cold puddles to cool down ( quite fun too). The only fuel I had having had no brekkie was 3 manky jelly beans I found in my sons bedroom ( I really must clean in there...) but they were just enough...Panthering again felt so good and it blew the tangle of cobwebs away too which is a bonus.

Finally the end was in sight and it is that final push I always find hard, particularly as I could see our neighbourhood watch-type neighbour giving me the eye, I was dreading him complaining again about our cockeral Cody, who likes to wake the neighbourhood up at 4 :)

I managed to get past him and finished in 59.33...a new PB for a 10k hooray!!!!

BUT I am going to have to find some comfortable shorts and ditch the BUFF because its getting HOT out there...

Happy Panthering everyone



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22 Replies

  • Fantastic time for 10k! Had to smile at the image of the neighbourhood watchtower man complaining about Cody. That's one of the attractions of living in the countryside - countryside noises!

    Well done on the time and look for some cooler gear. It is very hot out there.

    Happy running!

  • Thank you!!

  • Well done -what an amazing time for 10km!

  • Thank you I'm really pleased :)

  • Wow! Speed I can only dream about at the moment. Glad you did it on your old route too,- sorted ! x

  • Thank you, it's always good to face your demons head on!!!

  • Well done on outrunning the neighbourhood watch! May Cody keep crowing and you keep on with the awesome, inspiring runs :)

  • Thank you... He's getting earlier now the days are longer too!!

  • Great run & great conquering of demons - hurrah! And glad it's not just me who's suddenly started to get exceptionally hot. It's only March! How will I cope in summer??

  • I know... Last summer I used to go out really early to beat the heat!!!

  • Great time and distance and well done for banishing the old memories. Reclaim the run That's what I say. I recently did that with my nemesis the failure that was my first 20 min. Now I scoff in the face of the run. I am also shedding a few layers now, I love the freedom of less layers but have become quite attached to my buff. I can see me still in a sleeveless top and buff. Start a new fashion. Happy panthering.

  • Great feeling isn't it... I missed my buff at Parkrun today as I like to blow my nose on it!!!!

  • Well done Lady Panther. I found the heat to be a problem once I started to get to the longer running times as well. The buff and gloves have gone and a layer. I had been wearing two wicking style shirts being a southern softy that felt the cold but the extra layer has gone.

    As for the breathing I use an inhaler but generally only during the summer. I thought it may be an issue when I started running but that has not been the case so far. I have a personal peak flow meter and was a little disappointment to find my measure had not changed from before I started running but it is still early days.

    I did some good puddle splashing during week 9 feeling pleased with myself - but not since I got my new shoes :-)

    Keep up the good running


  • My peak flow hasn't changed either but running must help the breathing? I don't know how anyone can wear gloves when running unless in the North Pole!!!

  • Well done. Would it help to have a steamy hot menthol inhalation before a run? Not too soon before, or you may end up squinting your way around the whole run as your eyes adjusts to the air, but may be an hour before. It could help your breathing and lungs as well as make you feel a bit cooler.

  • Thank you...hilarious... I've just had a great session in a steam room at the lido and it definitely clears the lungs and good for skin too :)

  • Nice one Juju. What an amazing time for 10 keelomeeeeterrs too. I hope those jelly babies you found didn't have bits of fluff stuck to them? I remember we had a cockerel called Cyril when I lived in Ireland, but our nearest neighbour was miles away so he cock-a-doodle-do'ed away quite happily without incident.

    Buy some of those 1980's shorts. You know the ones.......OR maybe HOT PANTS?

  • HOT PANTS!!!!!I would so love some of those skimpy running knickers but I'm going to have to work on the bod for that... Lovely and cool though!!

  • Must be the day for it - just back from an 8 miler - removed most of my gear and stripped to sleeveless top. Beautiful weather here - roll on the summer - week off coming up for me so taking advantage.

    Well done on the PB :)

  • Well done! New running gear needed all round :)

  • Hmm -- just what is the definition of "HOT" here? Just looked up the weather for London - 15C at 6PM. Where I come from that is not hot - that is bloody freezing -- will be wearing a pullover to run in temperatures like that !! :)

    Since I started this programme, I have been running at pre-dawn through the dawn itself -- it has mostly been 22-25C, but now that it is March, I can feel Autumn in the air and it is a refreshing 21C, but by 9-10AM it is back up to around 29C so got to get these runs in early. I was struggling a couple of weeks ago -- but I think it was more the high humidity - definitely Singaporish!!!

  • Show off!! Here in Bristol it's been 16 today and that is totally tropical!!!!!! I'm v jealous of your heat!

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