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Thanks goodness for recovery days!

I have now completed run 2 of the first week and I felt pretty good. I am surprised I had the energy after work but I just went out and did what I had to do. I was a bit store after my first run even after stretching so the rest day was a godsend. Once I did my second run though I loosened up a bit so I'm looking forward to to the last run on week 1 woo! :)

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Yes, the rest days are all important. Consider them sacrosanct

Good luck! Take care, be slow!


Good for you for getting out that door after work! It's tough to run after work but it does become more of a routine after a few weeks. And eventually you even start to miss the run on some of your rest days :). I also find sometimes the runs loosen me up once I get going.


One of the hardest steps is just getting out there. Most of us throughout the plan find it hard to believe that we will manage to run the various land mark runs of 20 mins, 25 mins, 30 mins, but the plan works and you will reap the benefits. Stick with it and good luck.




Well done you! Hardest part - starting is already accomplished and now you can just enjoy the program. Slow and steady is best. Enjoy your running :)


Well done look forward to tracking your progress through C25K it really is the best


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