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Oh my days! I actually did it!


Today I headed out for my first 25 minute run and after the first two runs of week 6 I was extremely hesitant about whether I would be able to run for the full 25 minutes but I did! Woohoo! What's more on the last 60 seconds when Laura said to try pushing it I still had a little more to give and managed to speed up, all be it only by a little bit :)

This programme is absolutely amazing, to think that less than 7 weeks ago I couldn't run for one minute without being completely exhausted and today I have run for 25 minutes and still feel very spritely is truly wonderful.

Thank you too everyone who has supported me over the last few posts it was your words of encouragement that I kept reminding myself of during my run today and they really help get me through it. I'm so looking forward to starting week 7 on Sunday :)

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Well done to you. Good running in 2014. Best wishes

Jenner78Graduate in reply to Fran6500

Thank you. I am so chuffed that I managed it. I cannot wait for the next run.


Well done! I am just about to start week 4. Am nervous about what is to come in week 5 onwards so it is encouraging to read posts like yours!

Jenner78Graduate in reply to H25k

I felt the same as you as I headed into week 5 and was absolutely dreading run 3 but the plan really prepares you for it. I just had to overcome the demons in my head that kept telling me I couldn't do it. Good luck with week 5 it really is doable :)

Congratulations & well done . That's great , happy running .

Jenner78Graduate in reply to Rockette

I am still grinning :) How's the ankle Rockette, any improvement yet?

Rockette in reply to Jenner78

It's not too bad thanks , still swollen , & got a bit of pain in it when coming down stairs , & walking .. It's doing my head in lol . I'm not the most patient of people & it's not improving fast enough . I also hate being stuck in . I'm hesitant to do much today on it because I went out yesterday & it's hurting more today .


Well done!!

Jenner78Graduate in reply to Hidden

Thank you Viktor. I told you I was in for more rain lol :)


There you go! Told you?!! Well done J78, you've done well and seem to be improving at just the right pace too. I bet you felt on top of the world afterwards right? Congrats once again!


Jenner78Graduate in reply to danzargo

Thank you Dan. I still feel amazing now and it's been hours since I went for my run, lol! Today's run has calmed my fears about week 7 too which is always a good thing heading into a new week. It's a big milestone for me and has really boosted my self confidence :)

Congratulations!! I, too, completed W6R3 today. I am totally, absolutely chuffed to buckets!! Me, running 25 minutes without stopping? Never in a million years! This programme is brilliant! I so enjoy reading the posts in this forum and get great encouragement - thanks all!!! Roll on week 7! Race for Life 10 k in sight!

Jenner78Graduate in reply to Shrinking-violet

It's fantastic isn't it? Well done on completing this run especially with the awful weather we are having. Good luck for week 7, it sounds like you are looking forward to it like me.


I did too! It is very reassuring to know that somewhere, someone else is doing the same :-)

Jenner78Graduate in reply to willowwolf

We are all in it together willow wolf. :) Well done, I am still feeling really chuffed that I did it.

So good to read! I am starting week 6 tomorrow morning :-)

Jenner78Graduate in reply to LizzieS

Good luck :)


Well done :-)

Jenner78Graduate in reply to Eebahgum

Thank you

Congratulations!! And I'm so impressed you still had something to give at the end! I really struggled with W6R3 this morning and actually didn't manage to complete it. This is the first run I haven't been able to do so feeling a little bit deflated but going to give it another go later in the week :)

Jenner78Graduate in reply to pmreid86

Don't become to disheartened, we all have bad runs and I am sure the next run will be much better. I have just ran wk7 r1 which is the same run as wk6r3 and I have struggled all the way round. My legs felt so heavy and my pace was extremely slow, so in the last 60 seconds I just carried on the pace I was running. If I had pushed myself I would have ended up stopping.

pmreid86 in reply to Jenner78

Thanks for replying - I really appreciate the vote of confidence :) And well done you for finishing this morning - two 25 minute runs in the space of a few days, that's amazing! Bet you never saw that coming in Wk1 R1!

Jenner78Graduate in reply to pmreid86

No I really didn't. I tried running in May of last year but I was 4 stone heavier than I am now and I couldn't even run for a minute without feeling like I was going to collapse in a heap. Once I reached my 4st weight lost target 8 weeks ago, I thought to myself if I can lose weight then maybe I can run, so I went for it and started the c25k, I haven't looked back :)

pmreid86 in reply to Jenner78

I did it!! I decided to vary my route this morning so I couldn't get stuck at the same point and I did the full 25 minutes. So pleased, can't get over how good it feels. Thanks again for the encouragement, I really needed it :)

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