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THANKS EVERYONE for your support!

After my "not-failed-but-not-complete" attempt at week 8 run 3 on Thursday I was really quite down in the dumps about all this running thing. Why did I ever think I could do it etc etc. Well, thanks to so many people here (and of course today being another day) I can proudly say I beat the gremlins and - I DID IT!!!

It wasn't exactly plain sailing - I had to struggle with the elements a bit - the first time I opened the front door and stepped outside I was greeted by a heavy shower, so I retreated and tried again an hour later. No longer raining (just a bit of drizzle) but boy was it COLD and such a bitter wind :-(

Anyway, despite being a soft southerner who lived abroad in a warmer place for many years, I did venture out complete in Aldi jacket and fleece hat. Probably looked quite a sight but nevermind - at least I'm out there running while everyone else who can see me is in their cosy car or house... thinking moral high ground here :-)

I reverted to my route from week 7- via a lot of residential streets and then down to a big park by a river. Unfortunately the heavy rain last night meant that some of the paths in the park were completely impassable and this led me to run straight past the rugby club twice just as a lot of burly rugby players were emerging from training. However, I was undeterred, knowing that I don't know any rugby players and they don't know me so no harm done, and I continued on my way.

To be honest, the running part was less difficult than I feared today. After all, I did runs 1 and 2 on a treadmill and knew I should be able to do 28 minutes, although outside in dodgy weather is a different prospect. Yes, I was tired afterwards but I'm now looking forward to week 9 and I think 30 minutes should be within my grasp :-)

I walked home listening to the podcast from week 1....... it keeps changing from walking to running. I can't believe how hard that was the first couple of times. We've all come such a long way!

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Well done. If you can run 28 minutes in the rain and wind then 30 minutes is easily in grasp. It is amazing how much progress we can make in a relatively short time, if we stick with the podcasts. Congratulations and keep running, only 3 runs to graduation - Good Luck


I knew you would do it - well done!! Yes we have all come such a long way - its amazing!

Good luck for week 9 and I look forward to reading your graduation blog very soon. Sue


You must be so proud of yourself. Onwards and upwards.


Well look at you soon to be graduate!!!! I am positive you will ace week 9! It is truly amazing how far we progress in such a short time! :-) Gayle


Well done.... although I can't believe you didn't stop to watch the rugby players, afraid to say, I may have had to go past a 3rd time..... :p


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