Oh My Goodness!

Cloudy grey morning after the lovely ones we've been having for the last few days, but I was going jogging anyway.

Off I set at 9am and I put on the podcast for 20 minutes. I actually started jogging about 30 seconds before Laura piped up to start, I had to remember to slow it down a bit. Kept on going 5 minutes done, stilling going good, changed my route a bit too. 10 minutes done, so I was half way and still all is good. Keep going and don't listen to the voices (haha) just enjoy the run. I think I found my pace finally :-) Laura told me I'm done and I kept going, in fact I kept going all through the cool down walk and did 26 minutes total jogging. :-D I actually felt like I could have continued a bit further but I was already at the back of my house. I didn't set out to do more than 20 minutes so the pressure wasn't there to do more, I just did. :-D Hopefully I have knocked the wall down and can now continue with week7. :-) I actually felt like shouting "YES I'VE DONE IT" when I stopped (hahaha) but I didn't.

Happy jogging everyone. And thank you all for the wonderful support and advice. :-)


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16 Replies

  • Yabba dabba dooo! You really smashed that! Handled brilliantly too. A change of route probably helped, and you shut up the voices. :) :) :)

  • Feeling pretty good I must say. :-) Now I just have to do it two more times and I can move on to week8. :-)

  • Fantastic news, caz1_ca! I'm SO pleased for you. :D What a great achievement. You must be feeling on top of the world. :-)

    Have a good rest and good luck with the next run.

  • Catching up. :-)

  • Brilliant stuff!! Glad you enjoyed it and now you know what you are capable of it's a great boost to your confidence! :)


  • Confidence boost indeed. :-) Thank Sue.

  • And there it is, the unmistakable sound of gremlins being crushed! Well done you! x

  • And hopefully they will not reappear. :-)

  • Brilliant! I'm really pleased for you :) Onwards and upwards :)

  • Thanks. :-)

  • So pleased to read you made it! Im sure the next two will be just as good. Fantastic stuff x

  • Thank you. I'm going in the morning. :-)

  • Well done caz great mind over matter and so glad you made that 25 min run and bring on week 7 im sure your do them all fine start week 7 tomorrow myself so will think of you if i start flagging worked for my 20min run! !!!! Good luck and happy running x x

  • Thank you Mason. :-) Wishing you the very best of luck for week 7. I do run 2 tomorrow. Best advise I can give you is try not to think too much about it and just take it slow. :-)

    Isn't it funny how addictive running is. When I'm not running I'm thinking and talking about running. I think everyone is sick of hearing me going on about. LOL

  • Thats what makes this website so great ha ha as it is addictive but thats because i didnt like many others believe i would get this far and yes i love getting out to run even though none of my friends or husband ( pe teacher) thought id ever stick with it and that feels great

    Happy running caz

    Kate x

  • Well Kate you are proving them all wrong, but I bet they are all proud of you. :-)

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