Couch to 5K

Z2R2 - a parkrun pb

Z2R2 - a parkrun pb

Ok so run 2 is meant to be the short one, but it's a Saturday and that means it's parkrun day.

Zombies set and and off we go, first set of zombies evaded, the rest pah I was too blooming tired (also had iffy tummy from naughty Mc Ds last night, don't judge it was requested by Mr Mouse and frankly neither of us could be arsed to cook and I'd been alseep most of the day, because apparently opiates before bed now means I wake up during the night grrrr normal people get drowsy on opiates but I like to be different. Oh erm they are prescribed).

I ran the whole way woohoo (ok there was a few second walk but so minute it barely counts).

And I shaved off a whole 20 seconds :D so now my 5k time is 40 minutes and 26 seconds.

And home to feed the zoo, spider bunny (Magic) was not impressed that breakfast was late.

However I think my greatest test of endurance today was walking down endless blooming hospital corridors and why was the car park sooooooooooo far away from the ward I needed and OMG it was like a maze and don't get me started on attempting to follow the exit signs to leave the hospital grounds or even how much the carpark was. But father in law recovering well from his by pass surgery and should be coming home Monday.

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Well done, Spoonie, and hey, twenty seconds is twenty seconds and an achievement! :-) Sounds like a good run! You'll have your shiny Parkrun 50 t-shirt before I do, I think!

You do have a disgruntled bunny, yes; I see the look of disdain!

Glad to hear your father in law is making a good recovery and will be discharged soon. The hospital sounds a nightmare. Is that the QMC? I have to deliver there occasionally and that's bad enough!


Only 47 more to go :)

The greatest acheievement was running the whole way for some reason the gremlins like to bug me at parkrun. I did do a sprint finish as well, so I think I must be able to do the zombie chases again it just feels like it's a mental barrier, maybe I would be better with some defined intervals rather than random zombie chases which I guess are really a bit more like Fartleks than intervals. Maybe I should just add in Fartleks, I have been thinking about it (and yes I've had the 5 year old giggles over that word).

No it was City Hospital. The only times I've visited QMC was as an outpatient and found the carpark and entrance and hospital navigation relatively easy. But driving round City Hospital is a nightmare, I had an appointment there once and finding the right building and corresponding carpark was a task in itself.

She might be grumpy but she is lovely and sits in Mr Mouses pocket - yes I have bunnies of extremes giants and then the smallest :)


Congrats on your PB (Pet Bunny?) ;)


Thank you.

Yes pet bunny not a bunny for the pot. I like bunnies.


Brilliant PB :-) love the bunny pic xx


Thank you


Well done on your parkrun time, excellent! 20 secs off is really good!

your bunny sound like my Fig the guineapig! he chews and shakes at his bars to show distain when his breakfast is late! Now have stairgate to stop George dog trying to get in his room, he now crys outside it every so on, can't believe i would stop him getting to his favourite pigs! :(

Good news about your father-in-law.............. :)


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