Phew is it next week yet, oh and a parkrun PB

Phew is it next week yet, oh and a parkrun PB

So my plan for this week was to see if I could run after doing a full day at work.

Well erm plans change it's been a rollercoaster.

Tuesday Mr Mouse phoned me at work to say his Mum had been taken into hospital as she has been vomiting all night. I asked him if he needed me to come home and he said no, but I alerted my Team Leader that I might need to leave. Shortly after I got a text asking me to come home. Tests were on going and we still didn't know what was happening so I phoned in Wednesday to say that I wouldn't be in. God Wednesday was a hard day. They finally decided to operate but for my MIL the risk is greater (health complications and a previous stroke) and it happened that the anesthetist turned up while we were visiting, now Mr Mouse doesn't like hospitals at the best of times but hearing the potential dangers and his mum affiriming her pervious DNR request still stands it was all a bit much for him. Surgery was scheduled for 8pm by 10pm she still hadn't had the op. One very late night. Thursday I woke up an I just needed some me time so I went for a run and left a confused Ferd at home. Rang in again, we were all exhausted. Operation was a suscess, no complications and recovery going well. I even made it to work on Friday.

So no after work running, but I did still manage to get out. It's good to get me time and it's a good way to get me time.

This morning I was determined to go to parkrun and so off Ferd and I went setting off early so he could have a little run off lead first. Erm Ferd the road is closed, I don't have car garmin, er let's hope the diversion actually takes us to somewhere near where we want to be. Er why is the bus now stopping? Er the bus is stopping again. Come on bus what's the hold up I need to be somewhere and I am starting to worry I won't make it in time. Bus driver gets out and quizzes van driver parked on side of road, bus driver then comes to me 'do you know how to get to the station?' Er no idea I'm just following the diversion signs. He eventually gets someone who gives him the answer wooohooo cause where I need to be is pass the station so follow that bus, while panicing that time is getting on. And phew made it in time, but not enough time for Ferd to have a run around.

And we're off. Ferd slow down. Ferd. Ferd with me. Ferd slow. Ferd. Ferd. We settled into a pace, looked at garmin, whoa I'm flying this is too fast surely. But ok seem to be doing ok.

Fast 1k 6 minutes 34 seconds. OMG.

And hit the bit along the river and that's when it went I bit pear shaped. Oh lungs hurt again, what is that pollen/pant I'm smelling me no like and I feel irritated. Oh maybe this was the cause last week as well cause I don't have this problem running along the canal at home and I don't smell what ever that plant is at home, ummm anti histamines next week I think. Then a stop for dog related business. So a little walk to get the legs moving again. And then another stop, lungs hurt. Right 3k done pick up the legs again to run past the start/finish. And drop back to a walk and get peeved with some people who have finished their run and walking home, in the way, I have a dog it's not so easy to steer me and him past them. Please have a thought for us slower runners.

Right get cheered on by the marshals 'come on purple' in recognition of my top not my face. Along the canal, Ferd no you're no going swimming. Ferd sorry you can't have a drink, there will be lots of puddles in a minute. Pick up the pace and run again. I am determined to finish, I had almost called it quits. Walk. Run. Walk, look Ferd puddles, I walked the length of the puddles so Ferd could have a good slurp from each one. Run. Walk. Turn garmin display to distance and time. OMG that can't be right I'm heading to an amazing person PB. Run. Nope can't keep it up, walk. Right I'm running this last bit and we are even going to speed up, not quite a spring finish but phew we finished.

With lots of PB records:

Fastest 1k - 6.34

Fastest mile - 10.45

Fastest 5k - 37.55

Offical parkrun time was 38.25, that's a whole minute and a smigde off of last week.

Really proud of myself and Ferd.


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16 Replies

  • Sorry to hear you've had a bad week. Hope MIL continues to get better quickly.

    Well done to you and Ferd on all the PBs (assuming they're Ferds PBs as well !). He looks exhausted bless him.

  • Thank you. MIL still doing well.

    I think Ferd would have got round much quicker without being attached to me.

  • well done thats so fab :)

  • Thank you

  • Glad to hear MiL is ok: what a stressful time for you all! All those personal bests though! Amazing :-)

  • Thank you.

    Hoping for no dramas next week

  • Well done spoonie and Well done Ferd -you both did a great job and to get a PB - amazing given the circumstances. I wish you a quieter week coming and also best wishes to your MIL for a speedy recovery.

  • Thank you.

    MIL doing well, though they keep changing her ward so visiting is always fun.

  • What a week you've had !! Fantastic that you managed to get to park run and do so very well. Best of luck for an improved beginning to September.

  • Thank you

  • A great report, Spoonie. I've missed these!

    Sorry to hear about the difficult week it's been there for you all; it sounds awful but I hope Mr Mouse's Mum is now making a full recovery and that none of you will need to spend any more time at hospitals, which I agree, aren't the nicest of places.

    That photo of Ferd is great; he looks exhausted! :D

    You don't need it, do you? Why do these things never happen when you've time to spare? When you've time to kill, being held up by a confusing diversion and lost omnibus drivers is fine, but not when you need to be somewhere and have no satellite navigation system with you! Glad you got there though. :-)

    Sounds like a great run too and with a flurry of PBs! Is that the collective term for them, by the way, a flurry? A thrill of PBs? No, flurry sounds better. Well done - it sounds like a really eventful Parkrun!

    Are you able to upload your Garmin data yet, Spoonie? :-)

  • I still have no power cable, I started to late for this months payroll, but they are getting me an emergency payment sorted so I will get paid next week, god knows why they thought anyone could last almost 2 months without any pay!

    But I want to see stats and stuff so thinking I might have to brave Mr Mouses mac

  • Working a month in hand is absurd; two months without pay is preposterous, how ever do they expect people to manage that?! Glad to hear they're sorting something out for you!

    The stats on GC are great; but of a clunky interface, I feel, but other than that it's grand. :-)

  • I'm used to monthly pay, I find it much easier for budgeting etc

    But yes when starting a new job waiting a month is hard enough with no money and bills to pay, but two well I'm glad they actually asked if it was going to be a problem as I just assumed they'd automatically do the emergency payment like every other area of govt. I've worked in, let alone the fact I have to get used to a new pay date I've always had the 20th so guess when all my DD go out, now moving to the last working day of the month.

    Oooh eek I think I am just going to have to pay for my races and then worry about food :D

  • Hey Spoonie, what a palaver ! Hope MIL continues to improve, and I hope you all have a drama free week next week .

    Massive well done to you and Ferd on your PB'S. Hope it did you the world of good getting out there when there was so much stress going on.

    Take care and a big tickle on the tummy for Ferd :-) xxx

  • Bloomin' 'eck! You have had one hell of a week! Glad to hear the MIL is improving, best wishes to her and you all. Well done on the race pace though, under such trying conditions as well :)

    PS Your Ferd is just adorable :)

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