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Cracking parkrun on Saturday

It's taken me a couple of days but I just had to post about Saturdays parkrun. The weather was fantastic, gloriously sunny with a nice cool breeze.

Approaching the start I thought it might not be such a good one, I had a technical issue with my shiny new wireless earphones (grrr), they wouldn't turn on, seems like I'd either forgotten to turn them off or had accidentally turned them on whilst putting them in their carry case. Either way the batteries were as dead as the proverbial Dodo.

So I was facing a run without my usual Zombies, Run accompaniment. The only other time I've run without listening to anything at all was my first parkrun, every other time it's either been Laura, another podcast, or Zombies, Run in my ears.

But it turned out to be a really great run. I thoroughly enjoyed it and knocked 2 seconds off my PB, clocking 35:00.

AND....(it's a big and)

For the first time ever (not counting tail runners) - I wasn't the last male finisher!! :D

Granted I didn't overtake any other chaps, but there were a few who were behind me, and falling back, all the way round. They looked younger and more athletic than me as well!

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Fab! Really well done on the PB Peter.


It's a nice feeling to improve, isn't it? I've found I much prefer to run without anything in my ears now. I find the runs much more enjoyable - probably being more aware of everything around me.


Hi Peter, Fantastic job!! PBs are such a sense of personal pride, aren't they? I see it as a measure of my increasing health and fitness :-)


Well done Peter, great you got a pb and I know it doesn't matter if you are the last male finisher but appreciate its so much more confidence building not to be !


Well done on your PB. :)


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