5x50-49 Parkrun PB :)

On day 3 of the 5x50 challenge I did a 5k, to get a 'starting' time - 47:07.

Today I did my second official parkrun (I've done three 'freedom' runs on non-parkrun days, the latest one earlier this week, which took me 45min 6 seconds, so quite a bit faster).

Last night I didn't think I was going to do go out today, as I had all sorts of minor aches in my legs and feet, and was pretty tired from doing rather a lot of activity for the last week of the challenge, but I woke up feeling keen and legs ok, so off I went.

Quite nervous on the drive in - why am I doing this? But I didn't chicken out. The first ten minutes were hard work, and I was beginning to think that I'd made a mistake taking part in public again. I like running on my own - why was I doing it with all these people around?

Another lady in a fuschia top kept running past fast, then walking so I caught her up and overtook her (once, notably, while I was running up the steep hill - I have overtaken someone on a hill now!) We chatted very briefly several times, but neither of us had much puff for talking long - it was nice to encourage each other though.

I knew I'd started off a bit faster, as there's a bench that I passed at 20 minutes the first time I went round the route, and I went past there at about minute 17. About half way round is the highest point of the course, and it's almost all downhill or flat after that. My legs had loosened up by then, and I could feel that I was going well - really 'in the zone' - a great feeling when it happens.

i deliberately didn't keep checking my garmin after the first half, because I didn't want to push myself too hard and get injured, as my legs had been achey last night, so I didn't really know how I was getting on. One of the marshals called out 'only 5 more minutes' at the last sharp corner, and I had a quick look at my watch. I'd switched it to clock time, instead of the pace settings, but hadn't noticed what time we'd actually started, so it didn't tell me much - decided to just keep going, rather than fiddle with it again.

Mrs Fuschia top had passed me and was running again and just ahead - I didn't think I could catch her again, but it was good to be able to see someone else still running (last time I couldn't see anyone else by that point!)

I put on a quick burst for the last 100m or so (which pushed my heart rate pretty high - I think I need to reset what my max heart rate is), and then it was all over. Checked the garmin - it said 41m 18s - almost 6 minutes faster than on day 3 of the challenge. The official parkrun times aren't up yet, but whatever it comes out at, I have definitely got a lot faster since the start of 5x50. And a good third of the run felt really pretty good, not as though I was overdoing it at all.

I then walked 4k in the woods near the course, and on the way home stopped off to walk another 3k across fields. Hips slightly aching, but otherwise really very good. :)

5x50 on top of c25k is just amazing. As is parkrun - what a lovely atmosphere. Thanks to all the volunteers too.


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  • Wowee, you really knocked your old time to shreads today, well done you. You guys and girls that have been doing 5 x 50 have done really well you'll all be super fit now. Hope to join you next year, wish I had not had injury problems this time. Dare I ask, what have you planned for next"? :)

  • I think my next challenge is to do 30 minutes housework a day. ;) If I can make myself do exercise, I really ought to be able to keep the house a bit cleaner and tidier (and that's good exercise too). Hmm!

  • I was thinking the same re housework a I examined the cobwebs in my bathroom; and the weeds in my garden and drive are taking over... Brambles as high as the car roof, and haven't mowed the grass yet, so it's about 4 feet tall! :-(

    Let me out to exercise any day! :-)

  • I think I just need to 'reframe' my ideas about housework and see it as exercise. Hmmm. Not quite as attractive as a bike ride down country lanes, though I do quite enjoy the gardening.

    Anyway I need to do some house stuff this week as visitors next weekend, and indoors has been totally neglected for weeks. My challenge for this week!

  • Fantastic Di :) It just shows what we are capable of despite our thinking otherwise. Sometimes I find those aches and pains are actually worse when doing nothing but when running they seem to ease off or I just don't notice them... bet you are glad you did it now?! That zone feeling is so great isn't it?! :)

    So 12k today? That's a brilliant effort indeed, both on a personal and a team level! Rest up now and then day 50 tomorrow and a good excuse for a team celebratory drink me thinks!!


  • Very strongly tempted to go out for a bike ride to put in some more kms! I probably will, as I don't have anything else particularly pressing this weekend.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this last week - after Malcy's challenge to up the pace to try to get to 20k k, I looked at my total and decided to aim for 350k (which I passed this morning - but I don't think I'll reach 400!)

    As a result, this week I have done almost 3 hours of yoga, 17km running, 27km walking and 27km cycling. I find that hard to believe, as it is so much more than I've done before! And I feel really good for it.

  • Congratulations Di!

    Can't beat a PB .... except when you do ;-)

  • Well done Di! You're a star! To top it off with all that walking too, I'm not sure how you do it!

  • :D well done.

  • Wow! That's a fantastic reduction in your time. Congratulations.

  • Well done on the PB!!! That's such a great feeling isn't it!

    I missed my parkrun by sleeping in too late - which is actually a good thing as I've been sleeping badly (waking early) recently. I was (as usual) awake at 5:30, 6:00, 6:30 - and decided I'd get up at 7:00. But the next thing I knew it was gone 8 and I couldn't get ready in time! I did feel better for a lie-in though (if sad to miss the run) and I've walked 6km so far today so not too bad.

  • You must have needed that sleep! It makes such a big difference to how much energy I've got in the day if I sleep badly. This week I've slept remarkably well - worn out, I think! :)

  • Well - I'll know I've caught up if I'm not nodding off by 9:30 this evening! I think I just have too much going on right now- 5x50, big work project and to top it all we exchanged contracts on a new house yesterday!

    I'm sure you'll sleep well tonight after today's run - and don't forget that Parkrun's so early in the day that you still have all those normal Saturday things to do (errands, laundry etc if you're like me).

  • New house - very exciting, but daunting too. Plenty of exercise involved with house moving! :)

  • Well done Greenlegs - what an improvement!

  • Just back from a bike ride - inspired by poppy's 20+k (I think?) I ended up doing another 14k ride, on a route I've not been on before. It was great - apart from the bit in the middle, along a main road, when I wasn't sure how far it would be to get back, and I started imagining 'what-if' scenarios, such as punctures, hip problems, falling in ditches... (I hadn't taken my mobile, and anyway, even if I had, my husband is away, so couldn't ring him to fetch me.)

    Anyway - I'm back in one piece, slightly tired, but feeling ridiculously pleased with myself. :)

  • Greenlegs you are amazing but what about slow and steady? You're putting me in a very difficult position though. I was following your advice...slow and steady...and now you've changed you mind!!!

  • Aha! Well, you can be slow and steady for about 5 or 6 months - then maybe you think about speeding up a bit! :D

    I'm really enjoying finding out just what I can do. It is quite surprising. Anyway, it's a good deal less than many others - this morning when I was lining up before parkrun, the lady next to me (who was quite a bit older than me) told me that she was slow - so I asked how slow - 30-something minutes she said! (Sounds pretty fast to me.) She also said she goes to boxing classes and something else at the gym. Maybe that's why I'm shouting about my achievements on here now! :D

    Well, I think that all that matters really is that we're making an effort and enjoying it. Which I definitely am.

  • Well maybe not so much of an improvement after all!

    Interesting - parkrun results now on the website - my time is 44:56 - somewhat different to the garmin time (41:18). Still, it's a personal best. But I'm very surprised it is so many minutes different - the garmin track starts and finishes in the right place, and I started it with the hooter, and stopped it as I came over the finish line. Hey ho. I shall start checking my garmin now!

    I was 232nd - three people after me, and 39% age-grade.

  • Congratulations on the PB today Di!! :-) You are ending this challenge with a bang! No doubt, you will need a rest day or two!!!! I like the idea of 30 minutes of housework daily...not sure if I'm prepared for that challenge or not! ;-) We walked by a home today and the lady was out shaking rugs. Steve commented about how the lady was doing housework. I do believe it could of been a hint...but I am really slow to catch on. ;-) Gayle

  • I am chuckling at that Gayle! :D

    The funny thing is, I don't know whether I will actually need a rest day - at the moment I just can't wait to get out there again tomorrow - weird or what?! (Maybe I'm just keen to avoid the housework. :) )

  • A bit late in the day, can I just add my admiration to what everyone else has said. Six minutes quicker? Isn't that just stupendous!

    Your only worry now greenlegs is that having knocked six minutes off once, you'll have to do it again over the next few weeks.

    I'm just off to bed now before getting up for my "not a half marathon" and I have to say you really have set me up for it - the word 'inspiration' is used very often in the forum, but tonight you really HAVE inspired me. Yee Hah!

  • Six minutes is great! Well done! what with the running walking, cycling and yoga you must have the busiest legs in England! :-)

  • Well done you thats fantastic, you must be feeling great. If I were you i would definately avoid the housework, such a thankless task I detest it so I avoid at all costs.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and well done you!


  • That's brilliant! Well done - enjoy today as well :)

  • Turns out that my garmin figure has now been used to update the parkrun data - there was a glitch in the recording, with some data being missed out and mixed up. (Updated after the parkrun blog, so that has the slower figure.) I'll have to do it again now though, to be 100% sure it really was that much faster. :)

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