Parkrun in 21:31!!! New PB!!!!

Parkrun in 21:31!!! New PB!!!!

Hi all!

Parkrun done in 21:31 - PB!!! I have stuck to my training plan but had to shift them to a day earlier this week as I had dinners to go to on Thursday and Friday. I was back late last night, well actually it was this morning by the time I was asleep, which wasn't the best preparation but I still dragged myself out of bed at 6:30am to get ready. I don't think I did anything special with this run to be honest, I set out to run at a fairly steady pace and the garmin stats on the link will show that. My kms got slightly slower from 1 km to 4 km however I knew I had enough in reserve to kick on at the end. I wasn't really racing anyone this week because I picked a few people off in the first lap and was then in a big gap. I then had to use my garmin as a guide to make sure I wasn't slowing down. I ran the last two straights (which total 540m) in 2:08 which is just under 4 min a km pace. It is really painful to push on at the end but I know I can do it now so I have to! That is a nice start to the weekend :-) happy running all! Oh and C25K rocks, I managed to convince a colleagues husband over dinner to start it!

Also just to show the long slog it's been to get a PB I've added a screen shot of my Parkrun times from my previous PB to today.

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16 Replies

  • Wow what a great must have been well up the ranking...

  • Thanks and I think I finished 7th.

  • I knew you could do it !! Great run...

  • Thank you!

  • Wow! Super quick!

  • Wow. Very fast. Well done you :))

  • Yay! You did it! Well done Aftabs x :-)

  • Yo bro go!!! Well done on getting back to those winning times. I hate to tell you though, your age grading still doesn't match my best of 61.39. Come on Aftab, get your finger out!!

  • Thanks and your have set me a challenge now!

  • I would be the the first to admit that age grading seems to favour the older runner, since there are fewer competitive runners in the older age range, while your age group is the one that sets out and out world records, obviously making it tougher to get nearer those pace percentages. My son still hasn't matched it either and it rankles him to be beaten by his old man. It is amazing where the new challenges pop up from. Good luck Aftab.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • I got a new PB of 21:21 today. I am not sure what the age grading is but I'll let you know when the official results come in!

  • Well done Aftab. That's another hard won ten seconds knocked off. Keep pushing those times back. I must admit my parkrun today was pretty leisurely, but Killerton being a cross country circuit, it definitely wasn't a day for PBs, with all the mud. Your age grading is on the result tables and is effectively the percentage of the world record pace for your age group. It is amazing how far we can all progress from a slumped on the sofa start.

  • Age grading was 60.55 so I still have a way to go to beat you. I'll keep plugging away!

  • You're getting close! A bit of friendly rivalry will do us both a bit of good.

  • What a brilliant time, well done!

    Have to say that if you hadn't been so super-fast back in March, you might have had a couple more pbs in the past few months! May you have the joy of seeing a few seconds knocked off this one every now and again.

  • Great news Af - new you could do it!!

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