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C25K flyers for Doctors Surgery

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My Dr was so impressed with the difference the program has made to me in the 6 weeks I've been doing it, that he is now very keen to have it promoted in the Doctors surgery. Does anyone know if there are flyers or posters that they could use for that? I would imagine there might be some materials ... any suggestions please?

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Enquiries have been made in the past and have drawn a blank. I am trying to produce something, probably a single page PDF which can be circulated to GPs practices, enabling them to either print them off for individual patients or put on notice boards in waiting areas. I want to create something that is also suitable for other public places, such as sports centres, gyms etc. promoting both the training plan and this forum. It is a crying shame that most GPs are unaware of C25k, despite it being an NHS initiative.

Watch this space.

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Good idea. I have just joined the patients group at my local surgery and will ask for the c25k plan to be put on the agenda so we can promote it. Iannoida would love to see your poster for some ideas. Will you share it?

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Nilzed in reply to Running66

Patients group? Wobder if my surgery has such a thing?

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Excellent idea, urprised its not already being done tbh

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It's a great idea, I am surprised the administrators haven't produced anything.

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I think something does exist, I've a feeling I've seen a big pop up thing at our leisure centre. I'll try to take more notice and feed back.

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Ok, so it wasn't such a simple question! Many thanks for all the follow ups, particularly IannodaTruffe. My personal view is that a simple poster / datasheet that can be pinned in the Dr Surgery waiting room, next to the boring magazines, and perhaps handed out appropriately by nursing staff or Dr is all that's necessary. That's what my Dr was interested in. There is an NHS Choices facebook page, but I think there's much scope for improvement there as well. I think it needs to be done properly to ensure that the right language is used, but that shouldn't be hard. Surely this is just a variation / extension of the video that Laura did and is posted NHS Choices today. Anyway, enough ramble have got Week7R1 today :)

Thanks again all.

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Found this example from a few months back ...


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IannodaTruffeMentor in reply to NickTuson

You are quite right Nick, there has been agitation over this issue for years and last time it came up I took it upon myself to contact HU admin, but unfortunately, despite their initial enthusiasm, they have produced nothing and not been extremely forthcoming. Following consultations here, including with one member who is a GP, I came to the conclusion that the PDF outlined above was the best to try first of all. My local practice said they would be interested in anything we produce and so the PDF is the route I am slowly pursuing. Your raising of the issue again will give me some extra impetus to produce something, which can be accessed by all our members to forward to their GPs or put up in any appropriate place.

It really does seem ludicrous that the NHS does not publicise C25k better, as any costs would be defrayed by the benefits in health and reduction in subsequent expenses. Thank god we have this forum.

I think a handout could be made from the information column in the center of this page.


With the various rinks converted back into their address instead of the text.

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