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C25K beginner

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Hi all I am just starting my C25K journey (did my first run on Sunday). It was a little challenging as I have not run any distance since I was at school and I am now in my 50s! However I was amazed to find that I could actually get out of bed on Monday morning so all is well. I am looking forward to W1R2 which is on Wednesday. Big love to all those out there who are doing the same. We are awesome :)))))))

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Good for you - and I found it addictive - far from dreading the runs and early mornings [the only time I can fit the runs in] I actually looked forward to them and getting up early to do them. Stick with it - it will be worth it and you'll get tons of support on this forum.

Thanks DorsetRunner. Did my second run today and loved it. I am quite surprised how much I am enjoying it!

Love your attitude! I’m on wk2 run 2 and this is my second stint at c25k (got to week 5 before a significant life event took over) I found and find that just getting out the door is the hardest - everything else is practice. I may be re-evaluating that statement at wk 6 tho!

Just did second W1R2 and loved it. I am prepared to repeat the odd week though! it can only help.

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Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Enjoy your journey.

Thanks! The article is very useful. And I am loving the support and community spirit of this forum. I can see it's gonna get me through those difficult moments :)

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Check out the link from IannodaTruffe ... all the information you need is there.

Well done and welcome...slow, and steady...keep posting and enjoy!

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Zsazsabe in reply to Oldfloss

Slow and steady is just my motto! Thanxx

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Good luck!


Fantastic well done! I like you haven't run since school and then I would avoid it at all cost!! But I am really feeling a sense of achievement by doing the runs. I go with a couple of friends and although this is our 4th week we are repeating week 3 as I was unwell and didn't complete it. 2nd run of week 3 tonight and I did it!! Can't believe that when we first started I struggled to complete the 1st week 😊

Thanks. That gives me hope for the later weeks when I have to start running in minutes instead of seconds! :)

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