C25k TV?

so, it is a little over three years since I started my fitness journey - April 1st 2014 was the day I stepped out the door for C25k W1D1 ( and threw up in a field). It seems a lot longer somehow in terms of the things I have done and how much fitness has become part of my life - I can scarcely imagine my life before, and yet it seems only like yesterday that I was slogging along obsessing about my breathing, feeling the elation of running for 3 minutes joined-up for the first time panicking about W5R3 and all that.

In that time I have bounced between a variety of different disciples: distance running, cross-country, obstacle racing, crossfit, weightlifting, even a bit of MMA. I have shed fat, built muscle, done things I had never been able to do in my life before. I have broken bones, torn ligaments, lost toenails, survived heart incidents, contracted water-borne diseases. I've eaten high carb vegan, low carb Paleo, experimented with all manner of weird and wonderful superfoods and supplements, made some truly grotesque smoothies and found more culinary uses for protein powder than I've hat hot dinners.

I have had a great time and I have learned an enormous amount. I have read literally hundreds of books, watched thousands of hours of You Tube fitness videos, listened to days of podcasts and audio books.

But one of the things that has struck me has been how little there is out there aimed at or by people of my age group. I'm 49 now. I meet loads of people in their 40's and 50's and beyond who run, do crossfit, lift weights etc. And, from what I hear on the news week in, week out, there are even more people of similar age who need to be getting out there and exercising. Sure there are forums like this and guidance for 'senior mobility' etc. There are also some high profile athletes who are now in middle age and still in gret shape, but that is not the same thing. I follow loads of fitness vloggers on Youtube but the number who are not young enough to be my offsprong I could count on one hand.

So, I decided to do it myself.

I am setting up a website/blog and YouTube channel focusing on fitness issues for the 40, 50+ brigade.

I shall be going around different gyms, Crossfit boxes, boxing and running clubs etc interviewing people who are of the age group and dsicussing the the specific issues that arise. I will look at all the usual stuff - nutrition, mobility, injuries, supplements, weight loss, learning exercise techniques etc etc as they pertain to us more "mature athletes". I am hoping as it goes on to talk to doctors, dieticians, coaches, sports masseurs etc... we will see where it all goes...

The other side of it will be documenting my efforts to get back in shape, after the rather on and off training pf the past months due to a series of health and personal woes. I have a bit under 9 months until my 50th birthday and it is my mission to be in the best shape and health I can by that time. I figure if 9 months is long enough to create a whole human being from scratch, it should be feasible for me to manage a bit (well okay, a lot) of body recomposition by then. I'm goint to have fun with it, trying different things. I have a little list of goals I want to achieve, exercises I would like to learn etc. Hopefully having to post the blog and vlog regularly will help keep me accountable and not be such a lazy slacker.

So, after that long rambling pre-amble, getting to the point: One of the projects I have planned for the You Tube Channel is to vlog myself redoing C25k from start to finish - over the full 9 weeks, each run, 3 times a week, to the letter, and in each episode discuss some of the issues that regularly come up for new runners. An on-the-hoof FAQ of common forum questions- how do I start? Am I too slow? do I need gait analysis ( I will also go and show gait analysis in a shop for example) etc etc.

Some of the runs I will do solo, some in the company of another runner, with whom i will discuss the topics. The ever-fabulous Panther extraordinaire JuicyJu has kindly agreed to join in and will be my sparring partner for some of the runs.

obviously also we will discuss the actual runs themselves - the progressions, the common problems/worries people have with each weekm how the added distances feel etc.

So, I thought i would run this idea past you peeps. Do you think that would be an interesting/useful thing? Would you watch? Do you watch You Tube fitness channels or is it (as has been suggested to me) a young person's medium? If you would watch what topics do you think should be covered?

Oh, and if anyone is in the environs of Somerset and wants to take part, do shout!

I hope this is okay to ask here. This isn't a commercial venture. It is intended as an information thing.

and yes. There will be Skwaats. Lots of Skwaats.


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46 Replies

  • I think it's a great idea, at 42 I'd not thought of using YouTube for that sort of advice, I just use it for free yoga videos. I think being able to share what another new is going through on the C25K would be very motivational for new runners if you can focus on some positives on your journey.

    Good luck and keep us posted : )

  • As it is you Rignold I will let you run with this as I think you will have lots to share with others, but it is not something we would normally allow to be promoted on this forum.

  • That's certainly an interesting project, Rig.

    I am in your 'target demographic' and would definitely take a look and provide some feedback. As it stands, I read the odd running/fitness related book and do lots of Googling but don't follow any Youtube channels or anything else on social media.

  • Also aged 42 and never thought to use YouTube for fitness info, but I'd be interested in the running aspect especially if there was info on life after completing C25K. I'm not likely to turn into a general fitness healthy type, just want to keep on keeping on with the running. So it sounds a good idea to me anyway 😀

  • Squats! Chuff it! I'm out! 😤

  • Only jokin!

    I would like to start our local cross fit box but am put off as there are no oldies there. Perhaps I should be their first 🙂

    Well done Rig! I shall follow your progress for sure. Good luck with your venture. Bon voyage 🙂

    Ju-Ju will kick your ass! 😎

  • try the Crossfit - all the exercises are scaled to the individual's ability. All the lifts everyone starts by using a piece of pvc pipe before progressing to an empty bar. It's about learning technique and mobility more than it is the firebreathing youngsters chucking huge weights around. Really every box I have ever been to has been really warm and welcoin and inclusive and not at all intimidating, even n ones I've been to abroad where we didn't have any language in comon.

  • I think it sounds like a great venture! At 56 i am new to all this, and really enjoying it. I am constantly seeking information so would really appreciate a regular blog or vlog type thing. As an older runner I would be really interested in something specifically aimed at this age group, as clearly our needs will be quite different to those with a few less laughter lines. 😉 Good Luck with this. 😀

  • I'd be interested esp in stuff about women in the approaching/during menopause ages, it's a helluva thing and I think a lot of women rethink our whole sense of who we are and/or what we can do at this time. I'm 46 and all over the place!

  • This is a really good point and I hope some issues that relate specifically to menopausal women at least get mentioned.... sorry Rig but it is a huge issue for half the population in your targeted age group! Just an acknowledgement of the elephant in the room would be a start.

  • Sounds interesting! Too old for cross -fit though! Squats are OK though... :)

    I do use You Tube.. for running related stuff.. The C25K thing is very,very interesting.... I have become a little worried????? about the fanaticism about speed and pace, and the missing of weeks out, that seems a tad prevalent at the moment.. so, setting out the premise and ethos of the whole programme would I feel be really useful for newcomers! ( Yes, I know i am an old woman !)

  • Me too.

    I blame the fitness trackers, watches and GPS apps. When you can measure pace & distance you naturally want to do more.

    And the 'rush through the program... ooops I accidentally ran 6km' culture. What is needed is a slow and steady embedding of running into our lives. A number of posts say 'I did C25K xx years ago'. Great to welcome folks back though.

  • "oops I accidentally ran 6km" -- that one's up there with "oops I accidentally forgot to eat lunch!"

    I wish.

  • Why are you too old for cross-fit (whatever that is)?. You're the one that told me I could do anything I wanted (with a bit of effort was implied) ;-)

  • Oops.. our words come back to haunt us... :)

    It is true.. I am not too old.. we are only limited by ourselves..

    Hmm Cross Fit.. well...lots of things..basically the core movements of life really...at least that is how I understand it..and all activities done with high intensity...the whole idea, if done properly, results in a really improved gain in fitness... :) I think :)

    It is just that some elements of it are a bit daunting...!

  • Good idea, surprised no tv company has done c25k show. it would have been fun

  • I aren't in the demographic (recently 29) but would watch. My dad is 60 very soon and trying to get him into C25k, he did 3 of the runs (i.e. week 1) but none for about 2 weeks.. I think you would be able to show me quite a lot, I get way too focussed on just running and miss out on other excercises. I use Youtube quite a bit but not for fitness stuff. Would be very usefull to be able to point people your direction too, I hear way too much "I cant run, I'm unable to". Have you thought of using twitch also? All the best Rig!!!!!

  • I also would like to follow your Youtube channel - I note that it will be featuring young people?? :)

  • That sounds excellent! :) I don't often watch youtube but i could be converted! Good luck with your new venture i'm sure it'll prove popular :)

  • Really interesting idea. I am definitely in the right age group, but only occasionally look at youtube for different ideas for stretches and core/upper body workouts etc.

    I think the main thing is getting people (young and old-er) to believe that it is possible to do C25k at any age if you take the programme as a guide. My neighbour is about to start doing a very similar programme with our local running club - and she is 60, never run before.

    Good luck!

  • I would definitely follow you. Rignold and JuJu, 2 people I have admired from the very beginning of my running journey. I read recently that running clubs also don't often cater for the older runner, we just seem to fall through the gaps. So something like this would be very interesting.

  • I'd be very interested. I don't run because of my knees. But I'd love to know more about how you've made the progress you have particularly around nutrition. (I've never managed to get to grips with protein powder; bit worried it might be too much). I have managed to lose a good block of weight; but need to lose a bit more fat, get a bit fitter to really get where I think is possible.

  • Wishing you lots of luck. I don't normally watch vlogs or subscribe to YouTube channels for exactly the reasons you state, but do look at some running videos/documentaries. I would however have a look at this - sounds great!

  • So, I am 60 and a bit of a dinosaur. I am not on Facebook or Twitter and this is the only social media type stuff I do. Don't regularly use YouTube. Have looked at some of the James Dunne stuff but feel bit overwhelmed by the variety of exercises and not sure which to stick too.

    Having said all that. I definitely think I would have followed something alongside the podcasts when I did the programme and agree with Oldfloss and MarkyD that there is room for something that isn't just speed/distance related, and that probably is for older/more unfit starters. Good luck.

    PS: don't know much about how YouTube works and don't want to be a bore but are there any litigation risks you need to consider.

  • Litigation for ...?

  • I just wondered in this mad world if you are at risk if people injure themselves following exercises or something. I imagine personal trainers probably have a form of insurance. I know that is different and not what you are setting yourself up as. Probably just being daft but hear some outrageous stories.

  • Online fitness trainers will typically supply a disclaimer on their website, for example:


    This could be included on the YouTube channel 'About' page

  • I will go! Tell them Rig sent me 💪

  • Blimey! !!! You only STARTED running three years ago? And you've done Ultrathons and so forth!

    Man - sign me up for that Vlog!!!!


  • Aww yeah Rig. You're a real inspiration to the forum-goers. I can't believe you've only been running three years - I'm also coming up on my third year in June. How the time flies eh? I love the idea of forum guest appearances - JuicyJu is a real star.

    I'm only 35 but I'd definitely watch. I'll be needing to do C25K again here once the concussion clears, I love the idea of following virtually behind you.

    Will the pug-in-the-chest be making any appearances?

  • The internet is rubbish here, so I'm unlikely to subscribe, but this does sound like a good idea.

  • Fab. Count me in.

  • I would watch - possibly a perfect example of your target audience. Reasonably fit but could do much better, I'm 53 and on the IC at the moment with a knee injury. Currently I am realising how important it is for us to cross-train and not just keep using the same muscles in isolation all the time - especially if we want to keep ourselves mobile, fit and supple as we age. We're hopefully moving to a slower-paced life in Norfolk later this year where both my husband and I are planning to use our "semi-retirement" (such as it will be!) to do lots of different exercise to get/keep ourselves really fit. So this YouTube channel could prove to be really useful inspiration. Go for it Rignold is what I say, and good luck!

  • This. Is. Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍

  • Only 3 years? You started just before me, I thought you'd been running for yonks. Yes I'd watch, do we get to see you with your shirt off again? :-)

  • Love it ! I second that request... :)

  • Great idea!! All the support and advice that can be provided the better. This is from someone who is now 57 and came to running relatively late in life (55) and like many others still have loads of questions and challenges as we cant always compare ourselves to those fit young things in their twenties. I also read a lot and listen to countless hours of running related audio books and podcasts.

    I also live in the Somerset and would be more than happy to help out in any way I can. :-)

  • Great idea Rig! For the C25K if people SAW a person of similar age go through the programme with the various questions, concerns etc then that would be really helpful and motivating. I think you'd get a lot of interest in that.

    On the fitness, nutrition bit for older runners, yes I would definitely watch. I watch a lot of YouTube and am constantly searching Mrs Google for stuff related to my running and fitness in general. My go-to blog is James Dunne who is very concise, clear and talks a lot of sense. I've done loads of his exercises and like them a lot. Worth checking out as a competitor! But I've also followed Jae Gruenke, The Balanced Runner. An ex-dancer who knows a lot about the body and how to get the best out of it. I also check in with Kelly Starrett based on your recommendation! See, we do listen 😊

    I do think there needs to be more out there about older women doing weights. A lot are fearful and think they'll bulk up, etc but I think they're missing a trick. I'm the oldest woman I know who does weights 🙂 and it reaps so many benefits it's a shame more women don't do them.

    Also, from my personal point of view, but I know there are peeps here who have the same challenge, it's very hard to get information about keeping weight ON especially when running longer distances. I struggle sometimes to eat the right food with the right amount of calories and can find nothing of value on the internet about this challenge. I've devised my own solutions but it would be good to have more data and information to hand. So, a gap in the market there methinks.

    There's so much you can cover and you are clearly passionate about everything you do and that's contagious. Good luck to you.

    Btw, happy runniversary for your three years!

  • Rignold and ju-ju- ? With apologies to the many lovely and inspirational other folk on here, that's the Dream Team!

    There wasn't a problem with ju-ju's YouTube channel on getting to 10K, so given this isn't a commercial venture and you're not some Johnny-come-lately here to promote yourself I can't imagine why anyone would think there was a problem with this.

    (I challenge you though, either of you, to cover/do the well-rounded fitness thing - reading a good story, meditating, pranayama etc....)

  • Sounds great! I'd subscribe to your channel. Just turned 55 so I'm​ in your target group.🙂

  • Count me in. I'm 49 too and I do follow some YouTubers - the ones who have something interesting to say!

  • I'm a yes as well. I started just after you in June 2014 aged 49, and am still careering round the village at 52 scaring the locals in dayglo lycra. Real time runs through C25K will show timid beginners that it's all completely manageable, even for lazy folk like me who hadn't done any exercise since the age of 12.

  • There's definitely a hole in the market around older people. I also think putting an older face and voice to C25K is helpful - many of us successfully tackled it at a mature age, but am sure many many more are put off, thinking it's something they can't do. Not sure of the medium, although I often view things on YouTube I wouldn't have thought of looking there for this kind of thing. Good luck.

  • Hi Rignold,

    I think this is a great idea 'cos people always wonder 'am I doing this correctly?' Actually watching you (and ju-ju) talk through a run would be really helpful. You would be answering all those questions that keep coming up..(gait analysis, breathing, speed, Week 5 etc)

    You would be a great visual aid, complementing Laura who will still be there coaching the actual run.

    I don't watch youtube much at age 57, but would follow your vlog with interest.

    Good luck😊

  • Go for it Rig, you'll be extraordinary. Don't tend to watch a whole load of YouTube posts myself, cos I am an AncientMum you know (unless you count hubby and me inflicting music from the past on the kids) However I would definitely watch RigTV. Good luck in your new venture.

  • Sounds like a fabulous idea for us oldies that are newbies to all this. 😉

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