Long run week 2

My training has gone well this week, doing my planned shorter run, intervals and my second long run today. I did 1 hour 10 minutes and was just short if 9k. It's not so long ago that I felt 30 minutes was a far off target, my body can do more than I expect. This programme must be the best money the nhs has spent? It's great to do something that helps you to be well as well as treating illnesses. Still not where I want to be on weight loss though, seem to have got stuck.

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  • well done thats great progress....have you tried myfitnesspal? I swear thats the best way to track your calories as running alone just doesn't drop the pounds, but it will change your shape :)

  • Yes lost 2 stone so far with my fitness pal but now am hovering at 12 stone. I think I need a push.

  • I know what you mean... Are you tall? It might be you have reached a plateaux.. I am 5 foot 8, I went down to ten stone then it's crept up to 11 but I'm still size ten, I think it's my new running muscles!!!!! :)

  • Definitely muscles! Unfortunately I'm not that tall 5'5" I'm a size 16 now and I was struggling to get into a 20 so it's great to be able to choose clothes I like and be confident that they will fit. I keep doing ok eating and then struggle with staying away and so on. At least I am still getting fitter!

  • 9K !!!!! well done you, I did 30 minutes this am and thought I was bees knees !!

  • You are the bees knees well done. I genuinely think it is harder to get going to the first 30 minutes than to extend up to 1 hour.

  • Very true. Well done for your run.

  • Well done you - the weight loss thing is interesting, I've actually put on weight (only a few pounds but still it's a gain rather than a loss) since I started running, despite the fact that I'm looking leaner and definitely feeling fitter!

  • Hey this is such an achievement -- 9ks -- that is what I am working up to for a run in September and today I ran 6ks for the first time ever.... I am curious how you worked up from thirty minutes (I am up to forty minutes now, but wow, I can't imagine how you got over one hour... Any tricks or tips to share?

    Re your weight -- I have lost 13k -- the two main things I did were 2:5 -- the lower eating 2 days per week, and to give up alcohol altogether. My weight keeps dropping.

    I think it is hard with the running, because running makes you very hungry.


  • Hi Maree, well done on your weight loss that is great. I did check my waist this morning and it has gone down two inches so I am a bit more encouraged. 're the distance, what I find helpful is to train 3 times per week and do one session of intervals, 1 40 minute run at a reasonable pace and then take it really easy on my long runs which don't feel like much more effort than walking after the first two sessions. I am adding 10 mins per week to my long run to build up to 2 hours. Personally I find the 20 minute intervals much harder than the long run easy pace but I think they are worth doing because everything else seems easier after. The intervals make me feel a bit sick and my lungs hurt but they do work for me, then the slow pace run feels like a reward. I use audiofuel pyramid 180.

  • Thanks -- what do you do in intervals? How long for? Are they 3 x 20 minute runs or splits?



  • The pyramid 180 is a podcast from iTunes. It starts with a warm up and then 30 seconds with 60 seconds recovery, and then 45, 60, 75 and then back down each step until 30 seconds again.

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