Week 5 run 2 done

Had 2 days rest as was on 12 hour shift yesterday and couldn't face going out after work, was unsure how this would go, as never run 8 minutes before.... It was ok slight calf pain but compression socks arrived today and will try these out on Sunday. Honestly not looking forward to Sunday as its one run of 20 minutes straight big jump from 8 minutes , but all I can do is get out there and try , will keep doing it until I reach the 20 minutes. Any tips on how to complete this !!

Many thanks from all who have responded, it's been an horrific 8 months although starting this has helped with my mental wellbeing, I did think that I was broken and beat ... I'm beginning to see that hopefully I can survive whatever he throws at me ...

Thank you


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  • Wk5 Run 3: the thought of it is worse than the actual doing it.

    Slow and steady; start really really slowly; you can always build up at the end if you want to, but it's not about distance; it's about completing the 20 mins.

    5-10 mins in you will probably find you're running at a nice steady pace and will realise that you can do this x

    Good Luck and looking to your post on Sunday, the feeling after when you've completed it is amazing!

  • You make it sound as if it's achievable lol ..... I'm needing to get into that mindset .....will let you know Sunday, I finish shift at 3 so plan to go out about 5pm

  • It's very much doable, a lot of mind over matter. You sound a strong and determined person so I have no doubt you will do this, now you need to believe in yourself x Good luck x

  • Thank you

  • Be in no doubt you will do it. I have just done my Week 6 Run 3 and that is a bloody miracle if you know anything about me - at least 5 stone overweight and up till 2 months ago a heavy smoker. I can't quite believe that I am doing it, but somehow it is working. Week 5 Run 3 wasn't great for me, I felt it was far too slow to the point of knowing that a fast walker would overtake me! But it doesn't matter ... and today I kept a good pace. Laura knows what she is doing and she will help you too :)

  • Because there are 2 runs of 8 minutes in W5R2, run 3 is only 4 minutes extra in total than the previous run. It is a big jump, don't get me wrong, but considering you've already stepped up from running 9 minutes total in week 3 to 16 minutes in week 4, it's very do-able!

    Go slow and steady. Once you hit 10 minutes remember from that point you are counting down, not up. Use any tactics you've learned in the last 5 weeks to keep those gremlins at bay. You can do it!

  • Try a new route to distract yourself! The biggest battle is mental. Keep us all posted once you've done it!

  • I am sure you will achieve it. Like others said go slow and remember you have built up to this.

  • Thank you all for your posts ... As they say onwards and upwards hopefully

  • Don't worry about the 20mins you have built up to this. Just go slow and steady and see how you go I think it's actually better than having the walking breaks because you can get into some kind of rhythms and feel more warmed up. I didn't think I could do it either so I know exactly what you mean. Good luck you can do it xx

  • Don't think about the 20 mins, that's the barrier. Be positive "I'm just going out for a run with Laura" it doesn't matter how far or long it's just a run with Laura!! Good Luck you'll nail it!!!

  • Hi I will hopefully be doing W5R3 tomorrow evening too....I will be chanting in my head as I go ' I can do it, I can do it'....after all we have got this far and I am amazed that I have....thank you Laura! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • Good luck lady Helen , here's hoping we smash this

  • Hi there, I decided to go this morning....woke up, wiggled toes, ankles and knees (none of them moaned too much), stuck my head out the back door and the humidity from yesterday had gone...so that was it, togs on and out the front door I went. 34 mins later, I was back....W5R3 complete, however all day I have been fighting the urge to snooze...tank empty but heart happy ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    Hope all goes well for you too....

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