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Week 7, Run 2


I'm having issues now. Having to run the 25 minutes now is such hard work and even though I increased my distance in the time slot, I'm finding it really difficult. The start has always felt bad until I've warmed up properly and then I settle down to my steady pace and then at the 1k mark my app (Adidas Running) tells me I've done quite well - around 6'20". Then for the 2nd kilometre, things fall apart and I do that one slower. For the rest of the run, I feel I'm struggling to complete it and it's really hard work. I'm completing the run with a distance of 3.86km in the 25 minutes - roughly a 6' 49" per km. Is this normal that I should feel so tired after?

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You seem to be running at a good pace for a new runner. But if you are feeling very tired and struggling towards the end why not reverse it and try starting slower.

I'm not as fast as you - but tend to speed up in my later km rather than slow down and finish with energy to spare and a feeling I could run a bit further. IMHO that's a good way to finish especially if you have a days work ahead of you. Consider following the the program advice and slowing down to a pace that is comfortable for you. Especially if you want this to become a lifestyle thing

Hi Sloop Jon, I have just completed week 7, I think the reason that you are struggling with the second half of the run that you are starting out too fast. All the advice that I have been given by the Administrators and Graduates here on C25K, and that which I have read, say that week 7 and 8 runs are about building up stamina, so that you can run for 30 minutes at the end of W9. The 5K is almost an incidental bonus, that many do not achieve until well after graduation.

My W7R2 paces were (I start the watch from the start of the warm up

Km 1 07'48"

Km 2 06'37

Km 3 06'48'

Km 4 07'03"

Km 5 09'32" (ending on 4.91km distance)

Avg pace 07'32"


Km 1 07'49"

Km 2 06'30"

Km 3 06'41"

Km 4 07'04"

Km 5 08'32" (ending on 4.85 km distance)

Avg pace 07'17"

I am happy with that. 7 second gains on Km's 2 and 3 and consistent with the rest, whilst the average pace is improving. You could argue that I am starting out a little too fast and that if I were to slow that down the middle and end Km's may be a little faster, along with the average pace.

Find the pace that allows you to jog on km after km and as your stamina builds you will get faster.

PS I a have found W7 to be bloody hard too :-)

John_WAmbassador in reply to Bogshuffler

You're taking note of kilometre splits in Week 7? I'd be simply concerned with sticking to that happy pace and focusing on finishing the program. Pace concerns can wait. This way lies trouble!

Bogshuffler in reply to John_W

John, I don't run to the watch whatsoever, I only look at the data after running because I have an enquiring mind. I only went in to the analysis I just did to demonstrate that the your pace does naturally increase because your stamina increases and to demonstrate that my starting pace was slower than Sloop Jon's and that it was more than OK to be slow!

John_WAmbassador in reply to Bogshuffler

good to hear it!



D O W N !

Try to start off really really slowly and build into your jog! (note: I said JOG, not 'run')

Pay attention to your breathing - it's your very own "canary in the mine" . Breathing too heavy or fast? Then slow down. Slowing down (not stopping) is the best thing you can do when you're struggling.

Keep your pace nice and 'conversational'. You'll feel relaxed throughout and you should be able to chat comfortably. It may be tricky, but try and aim for a pace which allows you to finish feeling like you could carry on if you had to. If you think about it like that from the start, you'll see that you are much slower.

When you find *that* pace, it's quite a discovery - Damascus like! Everyone has it, it's just finding it.

Have a watch of this and see how they can chat effortlessly:





Can you speak aloud, clear, ungasping sentences as you run?.........if not, you are going too fast.

SloopJon, for the next run, switch off the audio notifications on the Adidas app. Begin slowly and don’t think about stats until the run is done. I think you’ll be more relaxed and struggle less. 🙂

Thanks for all your suggestions today. I'm going to do W7R3 tomorrow and going to try and incorporate them into the run. I'm hoping that I'll feel better through it and at the end!

Do you listen to music too? If so, opting for some slower bpm or more chilled tunes might help you slow down a little too. Good luck with R3.

I listen to all sorts of music from fastish rock to slow classical. I’m quite aware of the influence of pace is modified by the speed of music.


I always find that the first 5 mins of running is ‘hard work’ then I settle into my pace, get comfortable and more ‘in the zone’. I suspect a lot of runners feel the same, that seems normal to me.

I think you’re putting too much pressure on yourself, because you’re focusing on the distance you’re running, rather than the time. Saying ‘things fall apart in the second km’ is because you’re looking at the km split times; focus instead on the fact that you carried on running, even when it felt hard, and finished the run successfully - well done!

When you’re at Week 7 the runs should be a bit challenging, but doable - you certainly shouldn’t feel as tired afterwards as you seem to indicate you are.

C25k is all about running for a certain time for each session - the distance really doesn’t matter The purpose of C25k is to run for 30 minutes at the end, not necessarily for 5k. Most people don’t run 5k by their graduation run, and some of us *cough, cough* graduated ages ago and still don’t run that far!

I wouldn’t say I finish my 30 min runs ready to run for another 30 mins, but I do feel energised and buzzing afterwards, not absolutely exhausted, so it sounds like you’re going too fast.

Ignore the distance you’re running, don’t even think about it! Focus on slowing right down, finding a comfortable, conversational pace, and finding out what is comfortable and normal for you. We all run at a different pace; some of us go off a bit fast then slow down, some start off slow then speed up, some just keep a consistent pace all the way through.

You’re still new to this running lark, you need to find a slower, comfortable pace so you can finish the runs with a little bit to spare. Then, a few weeks after graduation (and once you’ve got in the habit of running for 30 mins x 3 a week) if covering more distance is important to you, you can look at some of the programmes on here that will help you do that.

But for now, slow down, take the pressure off and try to enjoy the runs.

Good luck 👍

SloopJonB in reply to KayBee1000

Thanks Kaybee, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head and all your advice is good 😊

KayBee1000Graduate in reply to SloopJonB

Happy to help 🙂

Please do post on his site if you have any further queries or problems - people are so willing to share their experiences and help others succeed.

You’ve got this 😉

Well, run 3 wen't better than expected. I concentrated on a slow (it felt very slow) start and I did feel that I sped up a bit during the run (jog!). During the run, my breathing was easier and I managed to get to the end with energy left over - in fact enough to give it an extra push as Jo Wiley suggested. For this slower run the distance was 340m shorter and 0.5kph slower so overall, not too much slower. And more importantly, at the moment, I enjoyed it much more. Thanks everyone :-)

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