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Week 5 run 2

Carried on with my new "hilly" route. I thought eight minutes would be tough! A big jump from five minutes but.. I SMASHED it!!

When Laura said you're half way I thought well that's not too bad - how far will another four minutes take me? Then the recovery walk, start running again ok. The next thing Laura's saying well done and slow down for the warm down walk. To be honest I wasn't ready to slow down there was more left in the tank.

Hubby confessed last night that he now has to pedal to keep up with me, apparently he was just sitting on the bike scooting along with me!! I didn't realise I was going faster? I feel comfortable with the speed I'm going.

I know my recovery has really improved and I can talk to him while I'm running.

I mentioned to someone at work that I'd started running, he's really impressed when I told him I'd just run two eight minutes with five minutes rest. He was shocked when I told him the next run was a full twenty minutes, but encouraged me to do my best.

Can't wait for tomorrow's run 20 minutes!!

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Fantastic! Keep up the good work!

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Yay!! Brilliant !!

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It sounds like you'll smash it! Good luck!

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I may have misread your posts; but today you've posted about wk5 r1 & wk5 r2?!

And then you say you are doing run 3 tomorrow?!

Have you done : runs today and are planning to run tomorrow too?

You really need to have your rest days otherwise you run the risk of getting injured


No Don't panic, I have had rest days. I run Tuesday, Thursday and either Saturday or Sunday.

I was chatting to a customer at work and it got me all excited about what I've achieved so I thought I should share with everyone.

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Aah that makes more sense; you were talking about this week 😉

Well done; you'll have a smile on your face for a whole week after the next one 😬


That's great! Good luck on the next one. With that attitude you'll do brilliantly!


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