I Luv running in the rain

What a difference a day makes, Wednesday was pouring with rain when it was time for my run i looked at ruby who saw i had my running gear on and decided she wanted to go whatever the weather (ruby is my dog). so off we set most of the time i run around a football field it was a bit soggy but ruby was keen to get there. I was worried about W6R1 as many people have said the stopping and starting is deceptive so with the wonderful advice and support i get here i started running or rather shuffling like a geisha girl it was my slowest run to date 12 min per kilometre but as i have been told and found out the main thing is i done it and the rain was so refreshing i did not realise how soaked i was till i got home. but i loved it and now its all bright and sunny Thursday, what will the weather bring tomorrow when its time for my next run. Thank you for your support.

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  • I totally agree - there is just something about running in rain that makes it so special and you never, ever realise just how wet (soaked may be a better description) you are until you get home - much rather run in the rain than when it's fine if truth be told.

  • I used to be nervous about running in the rain but now it never bothers me. I've done a great run in the rain. :-)

  • Yes I love running in the rain , it's so refreshing .

  • Good for you girl (and Ruby!).... I am beginning to appreciate 'rainy running'....as a friend once said, you don't melt if you go out in the rain!

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