Running in the rain??

Running in the rain??

When I saw this, I laughed out loud. I don't mind puddles or mud but have dodged rain so far by keeping an eye on the weather and running when it is pretty dry. On a long run recently, I was sprinkled by a shower which was quite refreshing but otherwise I do not find rain running is something I like. Am I strange, I like to keep my top half dry but love a bit of sloshy mud from time to time. Julie

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  • I don't wind rain or even sleet , cold is ok but the wind hmm different story lol

    I am not sure I get all the above but it is a great feeling :)

  • Weather full stop is a nemesis for me! When I started in November my runner husband would hate it if it was his day for a run too as I always brought out the worst in the weather and it was usually gale force winds! I think my second run of Wk 2 saw me drenched from head to toe but the stubborn streak in me said 'I've started this programme, I HAVE to go out no matter what!' ... since graduating in January I have used the treadmill a couple of times when I really can't be bothered going out but I find it's not the same now and don't actually like it too much ... and this from someone who vowed never to be seen in public with trainers and a sweaty face!

  • I know exactly what that guy feels like. But I don't run like that๐Ÿ˜‚

  • They forgot to add Wet, Cold and Miserable to the list....

    PS - Drizzle is fine though :-)

  • Happy to run in the wind, cold, frost as long as it's dry. Been caught out once by a fine drizzle which I enjoyed but rain is for ducks.

  • I don't plan my runs around the weather, just when I can squeeze out from work usually - or am properly full out skiving ( the joys of being my own boss ! ) Anyhow whilst I hate getting out the front door once I'm properly running, I totally get where Mr Super Runner above is coming from. Sadly I too, do not run like that.

  • Look at those quads!

  • Calm down IP!๐Ÿ˜†

  • I think for me, I just figure I don't have a choice..bit like my motorhoming.. wait for a dry day and you could be inside all year!!

    Don't totally agree with all of the quotation above..I just think, when I am wet I am wet..!

    Now MUD!!! not my favourite thing... maybe getting stuck in the bogs of Mordor a few runs back coloured the experience slightly!

    But as long as we keep whatever conditions the weather throws at us.. it shows what a great lot we are.:)

    Thanks Juliex

  • Must admit I won't start a run if its raining, but I have been caught in light and heavy showers and you don't really notice (can be quite refreshing).

    Hailstones on the face wasn't nice though. :)

  • I often don't have much flexibility as to when in the day I run. I love it cold and breezy, but strong winds in to your face are not good! Mud is great. Rain is funny because I hate the thought of running in it before, usually ok-ish once I'm out in it (unless it is blowing hard in my face) and then feel like a 'proper good runner' when I get back from a run in it! Looking out the window now, I am hoping this is how I will feel later, as it's pouring down at the moment and I will be out in it soon!๐Ÿ˜•

    Oh, and I'm not too good at carrying off the drowned rat look!

  • Probably less rain here than in the UK. I look forward to rainy runs, less folk on the riverside path, the lack of strollers and dog walkers makes a welcome change from time to time :)

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