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running in the rain... tips?

Hi all you lovely runners.

So having completed C25K in relatively dry weather ... what to do this morning?!

I have done a couple of runs where it had started raining mid run (this Wednesday included) - that was OK as I was warm and moving but this morning, up and ready and then I heard it, not just spits, not drizzle, full on hard rain! What to do? I pulled on my trusty 10 year old waterproof over my running gear and got on with it but...

whilst fortunately my waterproof is thin and not lined so I didn't feel too bulky. It was fine for the warm up but 5 minutes into the run I was hot but it was still pouring.

What do others wear to run in the rain?

Are you worried about slipping on wet ground/leaves?

Also this morning was definitely the windiest it has been for me. In my face for the last few minutes meant i was more out of breath than i have been for weeks. Any ideas/tips?

Thank you in advance for the tips and advice xx

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I tend to run in my normal running gear come rain or shine. In practice, once I am into a run I'm generating enough heat not to get cold easily and I'm pretty damp from the sweat of it anyway so the only conditions which are really a problem are excessive heat or sunshine.

More of and issue is the warm-up and warm-down because it can be hard to get warmed up gently when it's pouring with rain and you don't want to get chilled on the warm-down.

I would suggest putting on your waterproof for the warmup, but doing that in a loop so that you can drop it off at the start of your run proper. Similarly with your run, if you can arrange to finish your run close to home, then pick up your raincoat or an extra layer to wear during your warm-down to avoid getting chilled. Or you can wear the extra layer tied round your waist during the run part.

Well done for getting out there in the rain - stick with it. It's always worth it!

Happy running!



Running into wind is hard so maybe you have to be prepared to run a lot slower.

Running in the rain is fine. Most folks love it as it keeps you refreshed. A running cap is a good idea as it keeps the rain out of your eyes. Aldi have had some in with a running light in the brim. I bought one last week. They also had in lightweight hooded running jackets and I got one of those. I ran in it yesterday but had to take it off as I got too hot. I wear a Buff round my ears to keep them from the cold wintry blasts and to keep my earphones in place. A buff can be unfurled though to cover the entire head. They are a versatile piece of kit so I'd look for those on Google

I was running on wet slippery leaves yesterday so you just have to slow down. This was on the main road so I'd got road shoes on so was slipping all over the place. Take care and pick your way over them

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This morning I put on my reflective bright pink vest (like the cheap ones you get to put in your car if you have to pull over on the motorway) over my normal long sleeved running top. It's not waterproof, but it was an extra loose layer over my top to keep the rain off and didn't make me hot.

There's not much you can do about wind, except slow down and have a hat or an ear buff to cover your ears.

I could actually have done with a bit more rain this morning - it was quite mild and I was sweating buckets. And I could have done without the lorry whizzing past me down the country road at a completely unacceptable speed and completely covering me in mud, but that's another story!!!


If it's just drizzle I wear an old cashmere jumper. They just seem to hold the wet on the outside - pick one up for a fiver or less in a charity shop or car boot.. Haven't tried it in pouring rain.


running in the rain is one of life little luxuries. Well so far anyway. I wear much the same as normal, but for slightly colder weather (long sleeved t, and long tights). Once you are wet to your underwear you can't get any wetter.


Like the other replies I'm fine with running in the rain. In fact I embrace it. Once you're wet there's nothing much you can do about it. I ran all through last winter without any special waterproof stuff - just a cap to keep the water out of my eyes. The wind is harder to deal with. Running into the wind is tough and a couple of times last year it took my breath away which made running impossible. Fortunately it wasn't a regular thing so it didn't affect my progress too much. It was quite a mile winter last year (I leave in the south east) so I suppose I got off lightly. Fingers crossed for the same this time round!


Hiya, I did the same as you and wore a conventional waterproof and it was horrible! So hot and uncomfortable. I've bought a light weight running jacket that is supposed to be wind/shower proof. I've yet to try it out, but will let you know.


I'm aiming to dodge the worst of it - I watch a weather app on my phone and adapt my running schedule as appropriate. I went out in very light rain yesterday and was just realistic with myself that I couldn't risk a very long run in case it got any heavier. I'm yet to be badly caught out - running in light rain seems to be fine, I just let the rain slowly damp my clothes. The worst thing really is when you step in a puddle and water goes into your shoes through the air vents, but I don't see how that can be avoided apart from developing a hop-run technique. Even that is bearable though, I find I'm concentrating so much on keeping on running I forget that my feet are wet. Just adapt to your surroundings, some runs will be golden, great weather, and you'll go faster, further. Others may be more challenging, slower, slightly less comfortable. But after every run you wash and dry yourself when you come in and feel great to have gone out at all :) A bonus of rainy runs of course is that you get the paths to yourself (well I do on the canals - apart from the fishermen who sit there in all weathers...)


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