W7R3 "First time in the rain!" ☔️:)

W7R3 "First time in the rain!" ☔️:)

1 X 25 minute run.


First time running in the rain. I suppose there is a first time for everything. Not many "first times" to come about but gotta take it when it comes.


It was an intense battle with myself whether to run or not to run!


Eventually found a slim enough plastic bag for the phone and remembering earphones are splash resistant, headed out onto a patchy drizzle.


A Beeb ad says our weather is more local they I have ever realised. It's actually a heavy rain on my usual running route.

Well, all I had to do is change routes. So that's sorted.


I was worried whether I would soak my feet and make my last Primark blisters as I call them, worse. It has surprisingly held up and my feet were dry after the run. ✨Magic. ✨


Next on the list of things to buy, as Britain is heading towards weeks of rain, a hat with a visor. It's surprisingly hard not to open my mouth whilst running and taste the polluted acid rain over Londinium. :P

:) 🍌🐢


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14 Replies

  • Onto week 8 then! Go you 😊

    "Tasting the polluted acid rain over Londinium" actually has a very poetic ring to it!

  • :)

  • It does doesn't it.. :)

  • Haha! Great post. Good for you for getting out in the rain, it's just the best feeling 🤗

    Are we really heading for weeks of rain? I have loads to do in the garden.

    And a big well done for ticking off this run 👏👏👏

  • Thanks.

    Week 8 next!

  • Ah running in the rain , fab , as long as its not a torrential downpour and I have my peaked cap on to keep the rain off my specs, I am as happy as a pig in wotsit :-D

    Oooh I read the UK is going to be hotter than Greece next week, after months of cold and icy winds, we can now all complain that its too hot , Ha ha :-D

    Really Well done on your run today, youre on the home strait, there's no stopping you now ! xxx

  • Thanks.

    That sounds fabulous!

  • Yeay! Embrace the rain..there is plenty of it!

    Go you for getting out there, it does take True Grit!!! Well done :)

  • I mean I can either shower and sleep or run, shower and sleep!

    Obviously the second one! :)

  • I love running in the rain. It's invigorating and I also get the local park to myself. :-)

    Well done on completing Wk7 R3. That's my next one and it's always good to hear about people at the same stage as me.

    P.S. It's a beautiful sunny day in S.W Herts!

  • Do update us on how it goes!

  • I love a run in the rain! Well done for completing Week 7!

  • Yay for running in the rain and finishing W7! Well done! I'll be doing my run later this evening - probably in the dark.

    I did try running with a peaked cap to keep the rain off my glasses, but found running into the wind difficult. Even with hair grips to keep it in place it was a constant battle sometimes to keep it on my head.

  • Go you!

    Beautiful day today!

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