Running in the Rain?

I've been vrey lucky with the weather these past 6 weeks - cold but dry. However, the weather is getting wetter, and as I live on the Emerald Isle I figure I need to deal with the rain. If Irish people skipped a run every time it was raining, we might never get out there! So - what can I do to avoid the total misery of running and being completey soaked?! Any tips on gear? Does one run wearing a waterproof?


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  • Hi Chris :)

    I have a lightweight waterproof running jacket for when it rains - it's got long sleeves so I can tie it around my waist if I get too hot. It's one of those breathable ones which is good.

    But you don't have to fear the rain! Some of my best runs have been when it's been absolutely chucking it down - it makes me feel really bad ass! :D

    Just be careful with where you run as it can get slippy - you don't want to land on your bum believe me!

  • Running in the rain is surprisingly nice! I love it. When you're all hot and sweaty the moisture feels fantastic against your skin. I don't bother with rain gear I just run in my usual t-shirt and leggings. I seem to find I run far better when it's raining than I do at any other time.

    As long as you can have a nice warm shower/bath at the end of your run and you can dry your trainers etc sufficiently before your next run it isn't a problem. Try it before you spend on gear! You may get to prefer it!

  • I ran in the rain yesterday for the first time and wore a lightweight waterproof overhead top however after about 8 mins I was way too hot so I managed to get it off WHILST running (Laura doesn't give any tips on how to do that one!) and tie it round my waist but I think as Mrs Miggins says, I'll just get wet next time! Might make me run faster to get home and dry...!

  • I've got a very light showerproof-type jacket and that's enough to stop me getting wet unless it's chucking it down. When I would probably give myself permission to wait until later. I like the fact it's light enough to tie around my waist without noticing it is there.

  • I don't mind running in the rain but as MrsMiggins says a hot shower or bath afterwards is definitely required. I was a little slow getting home from my run yesterday and had begun to chill a bit but soon warmed up again in a lovely hot bath.......aaaahhhh

  • Hi i'm on week 8 and 1 was in the rain. A good tip is lightweight gear to run in as you don't want your clothes wet and heavy(things are hard enough without the added weight). I find breathing much better in the rain and when speaking to another long distance runner they suggested that there is more oxygen when running in the rain. anyone know if this is true? :-)

  • I've been home in Ireland for a week and a half and have also started my runs, so the only two i've done so far have been in the rain :) Only light rain though, and its actually quite nice as it cools down my bright red face :) I wore a light rain jacket and it was perfect.

  • I am so glad you asked this question! I'm on week 5 and have been blessed with dry weather. After reading the posts, I'm not as nervous and kind of look forward to the first rain run! (now...if I could just dry the dog off as easily!)

  • Great tips, thanks all :) Am now less likely to stay in if it rains as much tomorrow as it has for the past few days. Might be nice to get muddy and run in the dirt too! My route is 'rustic'!!!

  • re muddy - my neighbour bought new running shoes and got back from our run with them looking less than pristine! She wanted to put them in the washing machine!! I love running through the fields and woods, even in the rain. You just have to be a bit careful if the trail is slippy and try to keep to where there is a bit of traction underfoot.

  • I used to put my old trainers in the washing machine - they came up a treat, but the guy at Runners Need where I got my new ones said don't EVER EVER do that!! It ruins the sandwich construction in the sole or something :-( He said you can carefully wash the fabric on top of the shoe though (holding the shoe with the sole uppermost). What a faff!!

  • PS loving my new 'Graduate' badge!!

  • I didn't put that just to see it again, but hey - look, there it is again!!

  • ooh exciting graduate badge! I did mention to her not to put her brand new decent running shoes in the machine!!

  • I love running in the rain, it's so cooling and seems to make me run better, but I did buy a lightweight running jacket from sports direct which is handy :) Which part of Ireland do you live? I love Limerick!:)

  • Derrry in the NW - probably the wettest part :)

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