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Running in the rain

Running in the rain

I've been having a tiny break from running after a visit to the podiatrist involving the minor torrture Known as 'dry needling'. It seemed like every day this week when it was time for me to run, it was pouring with rain.

Well today I decided enough is enough and I went for a run in the rain.


*Every time I got hot, cold rain and wind hit my face to cool me down. It was kinda like aquarobics.

*My dog stopped periodically to shake the water off her coat, which always makes me smile

*I got several PBs from my runkeeper app - fastest run, furthest run, most altitude etc etc

*it made me run fast to get out of the rain

*i got to take a long hot shower on my return home, since we have plenty of water in the rainwater tank for once


*My sneakers got soaking wet

*I was afraid my iPhone would get too wet and break (it didn't )

*i had to tell me husband to be ready to come and fetch me in the car if lightning began, I have no desire to be struck by lightning!

it would appear the pros outweigh the cons, so if you're like me and afraid of getting a bit wet / just get out there and run!!

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Well done you! I love running & walking in the rain. Big pro for me is that hardly anyone else is out & it is very peaceful, good to clear the mind & reflect on stuff. I have been thoroughly soaked before, but I felt such a sense of achievement for braving the elements, had me flying high on endorphins all day. Keep running, rain or shine! X


I don't mind running in the rain so long as it's not too cold - looks like you both had a good time!


Well done nothing like running in the rain ! What a great photo of 2 happy runners! 😆


Fantastic post Banana ! Really enjoyed reading that !

What a lovely photo too , you both look happy and healthy , fantastic !

I love your running buddy, whats her name ? xxx


That's Maggie the Kelpie. Unlike her namesake she does not enjoy swimming. But the rain tends to stream off her back making her somewhat waterproof


Brilliant... and once you're wet, you're wet...!

Most of my runs before graduation were in the wet... and cold.. and snow, tee hee!

Love your positive attitude! Great photo too! :)


Wind and rain is no barrier to getting out there and running :)

Well done you for making it such a positive :)


I too love running in the rain (once I get out). As long as I don't get cold. Get back soaked, muddy, steaming and then a long hot shower! Then smug all day!


I love running in the rain too x


The other con if you wear glasses is that you can't see squat. I eventually had to run without my glasses, but it certainly keeps you cool.


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