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Second run without lovely Laura

Used rock my run app for tunes which I thought was fantastic music to run to. Ran for 45 minutes which i was ecstatic about. (6k). I'm not too bothered about speed but should I be? Most people seem to be on here. So I'm wondering if I should be too. After 25 mins I thought to myself "I could go on forever" how weird is that considering nine weeks ago I struggled with 90 seconds

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Absolutely do not worry about speed! If you read some of the recent threads on here you will see that there are as many people working on going slower as faster!

Just consolidate your achievements and then decide if you need new goals. You can then work on speed or distance as you choose.

We are all different and there is no point in comparing yourself to anyone else. Gender, age, fitness will all have an impact. The aim we all have in common is to enjoy our running. - and that means different things to each of us.

So enjoy your running, it doesn't matter what any one else is up to!


No, don't worry about speed. "I could go on forever" means you had got your pace right and had got into "the zone". Brilliant! Apparently "easy" runs (which I think this would have been classed as) are what we should be doing for at least 80-90% of our running time and are what maintains our fitness and (if it's important to you) burns the calories.

Just one word of warning - the recommendation is not to increase your running time (or distance) by more than 10% in a week. So very well done for running for 45 minutes, but I'd advise you to drop back to 30 or 35 for your next couple of runs, then gradually build up to running for as long as you want to.


I completed Couch to 5k about three weeks ago and have continued with three runs per week trying to up the time without the speed. So, finally, I am running for 35 minutes, I can feel it getting easier, no dread of the first 5 minutes any more and also I know I am striding out whereas before I was baby stepping through some of it. What I am loving is, now when I see other runners coming along I don't cringe, I just do a small wave that others do to me. Today was my first day without Laura - I had been sticking to Week 9 podcast but have taken off my stabilisers! LOL. Feels good, everything this programme told me is true.


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