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First run since graduation without Laura, scary!

Decided to take the plunge and run without Laura. I spent ages trying to put together a playlist on my phone (not a techy) but managed it in the end. I chose a different route from the one I have been using throughout the 9 weeks as I felt I needed a different goal to aim for. My OH dropped me off at the start of a 5K route along a different part of a cycle way and off I went. The beginning of the run was through an orchard belonging to a local cider making company, which was really lovely especially the apple blossom on the trees. The rest of the run passed through lovely countryside with lots of wildlife to keep me company.

At one stage I heard what I thought was a lot of cyclists coming along behind me but when I turned round it was a car! What that was doing on a cycle track is beyond me but hey ho it didnt run me over so that was a result!

Towards the end of the run I came to a sign for a Cafe with a large arrow pointing off in a different direction to where I was running - what a decision - coffe and cake or continue running? yes you have guessed I continued running.

The end of my run took me to a major road where I had to stop to cross but on the other side of the road the cycle track continued for a few hundred yards to where I had arranged for my OH to pick me up .I am not quite sure what happend at this point but I suddenly decided to run full pelt for the last few hundred yards just for the sheer joy of running! It was absolutely magic!!!. The years just seemed to fall away and I felt as if I was a youngster again! If this is what C25K is all about then bring on c210K. Its brilliant.

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That sounds like a really lovely route you ran. Looks like you enjoyed it too. I'm doing my first post graduation run tomorrow and I can't wait!


Have a lovely run. Its so exhilarating, blog how it went :)


That sounds like a great run :)


Lovely blog,especially the bit about feeling like a youngster again x:)


What a wonderful run! To run through an orchard: idyllic :)


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