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Finished W7R1. Without Laura; with discomfort

After running W6R3 last Sunday, I decided it would be best for me to chill out this week and rest my body before I started W7. I've been experiencing some pain/tightness/discomfort in my upper left inner thigh after my runs lately. I thought maybe I'd pulled a groin muscle, so I've been resting it and stretching it this week. It was feeling pretty good through last night, so I decided to kick off week 7 this morning. The weather in Texas changed recently, so it's about 30 degrees cooler today than yesterday. I felt the tightness in my groin as I was getting ready, but I've not run in nearly a week and I thought I needed to try to tough it out. So, off I went...

Since the weather is quite a bit cooler than it has been during my earlier runs, I wasn't sure how to dress for this one. My wife suggested shorts and a short sleeved shirt would be fine once I started running. So, I set out and immediately wondered whether I should have at least worn a long sleeved shirt. It was brisk during my kick off walk, but I warmed up and was fine by the end of the run.

I'd decided to change my route and to run to my own playlist of songs. I listed to Laura for the 5 minute warm up walk and then switched to my Nike + app and my own playlist for the 25 minute run. As I set off, I felt the stiffness in my groin almost immediately, but it wasn't unbearable and after a while, I didn't even notice it. I enjoyed running to my own songs as I'd found the ones on C25K to be less than inspiring. The Nike + app has a feature that allows you to push the home button on the iPhone to find out how long and far you've run. I waited to push it until I couldn't stand not knowing where I was in my run and found that I'd run for nearly 11 minutes when I first pushed the button. At the half way point, the Nike + lady told me I was half way home. She then came back on at 4 minutes remaining and then every minute thereafter.

I'm happy to say that I finished this run without having to walk a few steps occasionally during the run as I'd done in W6. But, that doesn't mean I was fast or that I looked good running. My pace slowed as the minutes ticked on. But, it "ran" the whole time, even if it wasn't pretty.

I feel good to have completed 25 minutes, though the Nike + app said I'd only run 2.1 miles. I've still got quite a ways to go to be able to run the 3.1 miles of the 5k.

When I completed my warm down walk, I went home, drank some water, and sat on the couch. About 10 minutes later, as I rose to refill my water cup, the tightness in my groin reared its ugly head and I actually found myself limping to the kitchen. I'm not sure if this is a joint issue or a muscle one. It feels pretty good now and I'm not limping, but it hasn't gone away. I'll need to do some internet research to see if I can figure out what's going on. In any case, I'm planning on a day of rest and then embarking on W7R2 in a couple of days.

Good luck to all!

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Oh dear. It might be that you aren't doing enough stretching after your run? If you arent sure what to do there are loads of videos and other guidance on the internet, and specific ones to help if you have a groin pull.

Also, having read loads about running, it might also be an idea to consider building in some other type of training (cross training) if you don't already, as if you build up general muscle fitness it can help prevent running injuries.

Swimming, cycling/spinning, weights, yoga/pilates are all good if you can fit some of these in you might be less prone to the groin pull?

I had a sudden severe quad strain when doing my hill work on Thurs (the very first pain since starting this in Dec!) so I did extra stretches when I got home, had an extra day's rest from running but went for a short swim last night, and think its ok now (tomorrow will tell for sure!)

Good luck :-)


Sorry to hear of your pain TexasDad; it is frustrating isnt it but make sure you are ok before the next run as you dont want to aggravate it.

I too didnt manage W6R3 without stopping but nailed W7R1 this morning and it certainly is a good feeling I agree! Speed will come later but for now I am concentrating on just getting to the 30 mins... Good luck for R2!


Welcome back, TexasDad!! Great job on getting through the run!! I wish I had some iron-clad advice to give you on your thigh pain, but I am much better at cheering than I am at doctoring!! I think the stretching and warming up are absolutely critical, even after a run and a bit on rest days like you did last week!! Hopefully, a bit of time and your internet research will help you fix this glitch!! Good luck!!


Welcome to week 7 Texasdad!!!! We found the longer runs produced aches and pains in our body. I went from the few first weeks of muscle discomfort to settling in and not having hardly any discomfort. Seems like around week 7 it started again. The last few weeks have been rough going with either knee or hip issues. Just make sure what you are feeling is not an injury. If it doesn't feel better after icing and relaxing it might be wise to see someone. I found a flat gel pack that can be heated or frozen at great! Wishing you well for run 2!!!


Good to hear from you TD, I was looking forward to an update. I'd like to be able to offer some practical advise on the groin pain but frankly I have no idea, common sense stuff that you're already doing is all I could offer.

Your pace is almost exactly the same as mine and frankly I don't worry about it yet, I know I won't make 5km in 30 minutes before I graduate but that'll be my next goal afterwards.


I actually had a similar pain in my right thigh whilst doing the c25k. It was getting particularly painful after stretching so I stopped stretching after my runs and the pain went away. I decided that I was getting carried away and overstretching. I only do very gentle stretches after my runs now.


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