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Running without Laura

I've just done w8r2 but thought I'd try running without Laura as I knew the distance I needed to run to do my 28 minutes and I had also downloaded a stopwatch onto my phone so I could keep track of the time.

I didn't think it would matter not listening to Laura and having my own music on instead but I found the run really hard going.

I'm not sure if it is purely psychological or if Laura's time checks and encouragement really keep me going.

Is anyone else trying to run without Laura?

What will it be like when I graduate and need to build up to longer running time?

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Its all in your mind! If you can run with Laura you can run without her

I find I do need some music or something to distract me from the actual running and it did take some getting used to after I graduated. Now I don't really notice

not sure I could have run without her at wk 8, i needed the encouragement until I knew I could run (kind of!)


I use the Zen Labs app and run to my own playlist. I love it.


My sons both use the Nike iphone app. You can set the voice to time checks, 5 mins etc, or distance checks, 1k, etc and listen to your own play list. I'm giving it ago tomorrow as I have now graduated and am looking at progressing to 8k by the end of May. I'm sure going to miss Laura's reassuring voice though!


That app sounds useful what is it's full name?


Just make up a 30 min playlist, it will be anything from 6 to 9 songs long and each song becomes your milestone (no pun intended ;-)

If you count how many steps you normally cover in a minute then there are websites (google running beats per minute) that will list the beat count of hundreds of songs .... hopefully you can find enough that you like/have


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