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First run without Laura

So, went on my first postgrad run this morning.

Decided to try a new route out as with the clocks about to change I don't fancy evening runs on my usual route as it's isolated and dark, so decided to give it a try first in daylight.

I downloaded John Newman's new album to my ipod (highly recommended) and off I set. I missed being told how I was doing and the new route is quite hilly, (mostly uphill it seemed!) especially the first mile, so I was pretty pleased with 4.4k in 30mins. Not as pretty as my favourite route, and more traffic, but it will be much brighter and safer on dark nights.

Quite happy with my new ergonomic socks and midlayer from Aldi too.

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It's amazing how running routes are able to be up-hill nearly the whole way!

Sounds like a good run - and good thinking preparing for winter conditions. I have a nice footpath on my summer Wednesday route but it's unlit through a wood and way too dark at this time of year. One of the joys of running after the kids are in bed - running in the dark for a lot of the year. Ho hum.


I enjoyed the run. The run climbs up to higher ground quite quickly then slowly descends back to my home so it was hard going at first, but it felt o so good to get to the top.


Laura and I were great friends but I decided to be independent a long time ago now and now don't often think about her. Now u mention her though, I have fond memories and she gave me fantastic advice and never lost her patience with me and I know that the programme works, she is a genius! Julie


I'm trying the C25k+ stepping stones at the moment- WHEN I get out- there's more Laura than ever before but I am still finding it a challenge so I'm sticking with it. It's not that I haven't managed it, in time to the beat, every time I've done it. It's that I want it to get a bit easier!!! I see lots of runners who are not sweating and gasping and I'd like to be a bit more like them... Then I can consider extending the time... And if I feel really brave I might even stop running round various combinations of 'round the block' routes and occasionally do parkrun again or other more interesting routes, IBS - willing...


I think I'll give the stepping stones a go but I'll wait a week or two first and just try to consolidate my 30 mins running a bit. I'd love to try parkrun but I work Saturdays.


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