Feeling much better!

Feeling much better about my HM in 4 (blimey, only 4 weeks away!!) weeks' time.

After struggling to get into any sort of pace yesterday and bailing out at 8k I set off this morning for a 'long' run (>10k). For the first 5k or so I was thinking about how unprepared I was feeling for the HM, though at that point I hadn't realised it was only 4 weeks off, hang on, 7th June, that's 4 1/2 weeks away, even better! I was plotting my route as I went, left or right, planning on the loo stop, the 'refreshment' stop (it's amazing how big a boost a Walls Mini Milk can give you), the extra loops to gain a bit more distance; on the fly as it were.

I ended up doing 17.44k (just short of 11 miles) in 1 hour 48 minutes. And I only came home at that point because I was seriously hungry (and I told myself I didn't want to peak too early! :D ) and it was getting close to lunchtime. So I must sort out some sort of fuelling strategy, if I'd known I was going so far today I'd have taken some bikkies with me or something. Will give it another go in a couple of weeks!

Ha ha, love the tags, I think it's the first time I don't have n'ice (will have to delete it if it adds it so you can see the original ones).

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  • Thanks, the mini milks are rather nice, just a small something, and refreshing coz they're cold.

  • Well done, Beads. That sounds like a great run. Can I add one tip, regards fueling. If possible, try to do one long run at the same time of day as your HM. My latest HM, on Saturday, started at 2pm and I was unsure what to have for breakfast and/or another snack before the run. Both my previous HMs have been about 11am, as were my training runs and I felt I knew my fueling needs for these, but not for my latest.

  • I'm safe on that front, it's a 9am start, but it does mean I'll have to leave about 6.30 to get there. Breakfast before I go, snack on the way or more likely when I get there, plus something for halfway (or thereabouts). I was going down the jelly baby route but when I did the tri a few weeks ago I found it really hard to chew sufficiently while I was tired (beginning of the run, so not after too much effort), I may have to cave and try a gel or two just for the ease of how to get it into me.

  • I did my one and only HM without fuel I am type 1 diabetic and had some gel packs as emergency. They had jelly babies at the food stops but after an attempt at trying to chew and run impossible spat them out!

  • Well done you... And fuelling is so hard isn't it to get right? I'm way off the mark... I bet you are getting excited.. Not long now... Good time too..

  • Excited isn't the word!!!!!! My longest run to date (6 months ago) was only 18k, I'm really hoping the crowd pulls me along.......

  • It was one of my most exhilarating experiences ever, I had only ever done 10 miles until the day, this was not a problem

  • Half marathon! Go Beads. Only 18K! Oh Beads you're showing off now. :-D

  • :D

  • Good luck to you.. and your probably there already past the 100k in May challenge that I had posted earlier..

    And for all those who think its one complete run.. Im not that good.. ha!! That would be the equivalent of 4 and a half HM's ...as some have reported the Ultra marathoners..good luck to those!

  • Hey Beads - well done on that 11 miler and nice time too.

    Not an expert on refuelling but my advice would be to drink whatever they supply on race day well in advance so you are used to it. You might find some more expert guidance here though - bupa.co.uk/running/training...

    Good luck with the HM :)

  • Thanks. Yes, I've heard that, that you need to practice with what you're going to use just incase it upsets your tummy (not a good thing halfway round)!

  • Hi Beads just dip into HU to see if any old faces cropped up ,well done you and good luck with your HM .I am still out doing a couple of slow jogs a week and a yoga class trying to keep fit and active. Pat :-)

  • Thanks Pat, I hope you're keeping well.

  • Wow! Much impressed. Well done on such a long run. Xxx

  • Keep us updated as things progress, my HM is a little further away but I do have a 6miler on the 9th June. Be interested to hear how your fuelling goes, I've started trying starburst but as you say things are hard to chew when your concentrating on running, was toying with the gel idea too (I have water sorted I think).

  • I'm interested in this too as I've not taken on board any fuel or drink yet

    I did eat an energy bar (home made) before I set off running yesterday and I ended up getting stitch for the first time ever.

    It sounds like your training is coming on apace Beads! Good luck with it

  • Well done on your increasing distances and times. Good luck with your HM and best wishes.

  • Well done beads! I'm training for a 20k race in June and have started experimenting with gels - they take some getting used to but at least taste OK.

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