Wk9 r2... much much much better!!!!!

first of all can i say a big big thank you to all of you who commented on my moaning post on tues with a really tough torturous run, your advice and encouragement means the world to me, and as i started out on my run today i thought of all of that advice. and today was a much better run.. ive learned a few things about how i run from my bad 1 (which i guess makes the bad 1 worth having in a strange way!!) i run better in the afternoon rather than evening, i run better if i havent eaten for at least 3 hrs? and i run better alone as i ran on tues with 2 friends, and i was distracted i think, they were chatting away while running, and even though i wasnt chatting as much, i was distracted listening to them, so my breathing was a bit out of control,

i dont know if any of this makes sense? but to run for 30mins non stop i really need to focus on it completely.

so here i am now, 1 run away from graduating, and its been so good these past few weeks on this blog, with so much advice and encouragement from all of you..

thanks everyone!!!!! :)


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12 Replies

  • so glad to hear you had a better run today. it does put the bad ones in perspective. I know what you mean about running at different times, i am definalty better in the mornings but if I'm to join a running club which i think about i need to be able to do evenings. apart from being better in the mornings the eating thing is my struggle as i need a big gap prob 2.5 hours between eating and running.

    can't wait to read your graduation blog!!!!! will be watching out for it. :)

  • Thanks AliB1.. looks like this whole running thing involves a lot of learning and i guess everyone;s different, my plan for run no.3 is a road run to finish off and graduate (might ever wear a cap and gown while running and post some pics) ha ha what a sight that wud be!! are you joining a running club?

  • am thinking about it...have looked up a couple near me but you have to be able to do 3 miles (min) and looks like a 12 min pace so going to give it a couple of weeks and then contact them.

  • Good to hear you had a good run today. I had a rubbish run today, but think I am going down with something. I prefer early mornings. I have a bowl of dorset cereal and a cup of tea about an hour before running and that seems fine for me. Hope you enjoy your graduation run :)

  • thanks blue boots.. guess we all differ in what works for us eh.. hope you are feeling better soon,,

  • good luck with your graduation run tomorrow, I'm liking the cap and gown idea :) - thinking c25k have a whole merchandising opportunity!!

  • Thanks Bxster.. yeah there's def an opening there eh!!

  • Well done, I'm doing my last run today too.What are you doing next? Need some ideas...

  • not really sure tattyanne as yet, i think for the next few weeks im going to continue with the 30min runs and try improve on stamina, maybe once im doing that comfortably, will lokk at longer distances gradually. isnt it funny that now that we are finally finished (almost) we're wondering what's next (personally i didnt think id ever be able to run for 30 mins, and now i can)!!

    how did your last run go?

  • WellI'm really dissapointed in myself because I havent managed to do the last one today. I just couldnt fit it in between work, school run, then zumba so now I dont have the energy! I'll try to do it tomorrow then I think I'll follow your lead and keep doing 3 30min runs for another week or two then take it from there. TC x

  • ah sometimes life just is too busy to fit it in, dont beat yourself up about it and dont be disappointed in yourself at all, youre doing great, and we all get those busy days.. gettin ready now for my final run of the programme.. feelin good so hopefully it'll go well..

  • Ha ha didnt do it Saturday either! Today is Sunday and it is now 3.30 and I still havent run! I've been to work today, got home at 1.00, been to the allotment, just got back and now have to put the roast on! Am I just looking for excuses? I've lost me mojo lol!. But after reading your reply, I'm going out in a min and I know I will feel better for it , so Thankyou x

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