Not my normal Sunday morning run.......Yay, much better

Not my normal Sunday morning run.......Yay, much better

Key Facts:

# Great Yorkshire Run in Sheffield

# 10K

# Blue skies & sunshine

# 6000 other runners

# mostly flat but a killer hill in the last 500m

# hoped-for time = under an hour

# actual time = 59m 20s

I've had a great day. This was my first [ever] participation in any sort of sporting event. Hey, I'm only 63 so there's plenty of time. I'm normally a quiet, solitary sort of chap and NEVER run with other people, but there were 6000 other people, all running their merry little socks off. And I was there, with them, doing the same. What a great time we had. There were bands, there were kids doing high-fives, there were little old ladies in camping chairs by the roadside giving everyone a cheer. There was my mate Fiona who has done every one of the six previous GYRs and whose encouragement got me there. There was Mrs OldNed & Bunty OldNed to cheer me on. All I had to do was run.

So I did. Was I well-prepared? Well, sort of. My big pushes had been in June and August (ah, those heady days of 100K a month) but September barely qualified as ticking-over. I'd run a bit on hols and a bit back at home but it was way down on normal. I'd done 10K last weekend and that was OK so I knew I could do the distance but I'd had a poor 7K on Tuesday which caused a bit of hmm, not sure about this. But then a cheeky 7.5K on Friday put me back on track and I had one of my best ever runs this morning. Never felt any urge to stop, never felt any other 'urges' (you know of what I speak), nice steady pace, even up the killer hill, and it turned out right on the button at 59.20. I am very very pleased; listen up Laura - NOW I'm a runner!!! But couldn't have done it without C25K and all you lovely people. Keep on running.


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47 Replies

  • Yaaay - well done OldNed, you deserve to feel this good after all your inspirational posts. Enjoy the buzz

  • Thank you, I'm still buzzing!

  • Well done, OldNed. I was at the roadside somewhere along the way cheering you all on, it was so inspiring I have signed up for next year already. That is a very good time, congratulations. :-)

  • Thanks. I was at the roadside last year and it inspired me to get out there too. See you there next year!

  • Fantastic result!!!!!! Well done, first of many races? HM next?

  • Thanks Ali, HM may well be on the cards next year.

  • what an amazing achievement, well done OldNed x

  • Thanks; looking back a year I'm a tad amazed myself!

  • Really great result and v inspiring. I do my 10k race in few weeks - but i fear not as well prepared as you- but still 10k is 10k - and like me I know you are proud as to how far you have got. HM next??

  • Thank you. Best of luck with your 10K. Next year may well be a HM (ooh er)

  • What a fantastic blog... And well done you what an amazing achievement .....and a great time too. Time to celebrate :)

  • I splashed out with a celebratory Wagon Wheel; us northern chaps know how to live!

  • Well done. Sounds like you've had a great day.

  • It was, Wilma, I really enjoyed it and so did my wife & daughter (whose first experience of one of these events it was)

  • Well done - excellent time! :-)

  • Thank you!

  • Brilliant result. WELL DONE YOU!! - and under your 60 minutes too. I bet you'll be grinning for weeks! Enjoy! Nice one!

  • Well I haven't stopped grinning yet!!

  • OldNed, congratulations on the good time for your 10km with precious little running this month.

    As another 'bear' I'm also pleased that you were not bothered by 'other urges' too. I, too am happy to report I did not suffer with this today, but I admit I took a belt and braces approach. I was extra careful with my diet for the past few days, but also resorted to taking precautions in the form of a couple of Imodium.

  • I must admit I thought hard about the Imodium but listened to 'downstairs' and decided agin it. It worked on the day!

  • Well done Ned, I've been thinking about you today and wondering how your race had gone. I was so tempted to enter, but just didn't feel that I would be ready for it, my distances having dropped right off during the hot summer weeks. Really feel that I've missed out though. I'm very seriously thinking about doing the HM in April - will I see you there? X

  • Hi Saruma - I did wonder whether you might be there. I think the HM is a possibility. I'm going to reduce my running a bit now (perhaps to twice a week), in favour of much-neglected cycling, until Xmas and take the decision early in the new year.

  • Well done. My dearest oldest friend was on of the other 6000 people. I might join her next year if I ever get a period of injury/asthma free running to get fit enough!

    Enjoy the glow :-)

  • Thank you;hope you make it next year

  • What a great achievement, and what a great time! Congratulations :)

  • Thank you; much appreciated.

  • Great stuff - hope you got a medal!!

  • I did! Finest plastic, but I'll not quibble over that.

  • Fantastic, Ned - you really deserved that Wagon Wheel. We haven't had them up here for a long time but I can picture them and almost taste one in my gob right now! I really like the "Great Run" series - a great mix of informality with brilliant organisation, there are always fantastic crowds to encourage you - and you get a goody bag at the end. Wear the T-shirt with pride. But here's a word of warning ... don't wear your medal while you're running. it'll take you eye out. then you'd be old one-eyed Ned. (:->)

  • Thanks Malcy. I got an early taste for Wagon Wheels; as a child I had an aunt who worked in the factory which made them. Curious how many not-quite-pukka ones there were, and guess who ate them. You're right about the organisation of the run; really impressive, and I shall heed your warning about the medal!!

  • What a lucky lad you were. You know where they all really came from ...

    "Three wheels on my wagon, but I'm still rolling along" Where do you think the wheels went to? They weren't called Wagon Wheels for nothing! (:->)

  • Excellent Run, fantastic time especially when you factor in it was your first running event, congratulations!

  • Thank you; I'm still grinning!

  • Great run report, Ned, and great time. Congratulations.

  • Thank you, much appreciated (and wouldn't have been possible without the start C25K gave me)

  • Great to hear about it. Thanks for posting. I did athletics as a child, but hated it! I am actually slightly tempted to do one of the big runs now. Never thought I would even contemplate it!. I did have a ticket to do the 3rd ever London Marathon (got it after helping at the finish of the 2nd. I forget how many unshaven, sweaty men I kissed that day :) )... but turned it down. Never regretted that move... but now I'm even wondering... what if???

  • Go for it! You'll graduate soon (you will, you will). Then try a ParkRun or a 10K. It's great fun.

  • Well done Ned, fab run :)

  • Thank you

  • Well done, OldNed. I was there! It was a great day, wasn't it - perfect running weather but OH that hill - that was cruel!! And didn't you love the guy singing on a megaphone from the central reservation - I was beginning to flag a bit and his rendition of "Don't Stop Me Now" followed by "Born to Run" brought a smile to my face! Brilliant time for your - good to see you sporting the white rose. I was too but I was just outside the 70 minutes so mine didn't count. I was pleased with my time though - 1 hr 12 minutes exactly which was about 8 minutes faster than my first 10K in July. I swear it would have ben 1 hr 10 had it not been for that bloody hill!!!!

  • Yay! High-five. We did it. It was indeed a great day with perfect weather, and knocking 8 mins off your 10K previous best is pretty damn fine. The guy with the megaphone was great in a terrible-but-lovely way. But you're right, that hill at the end was a killer. At 8K I had nearly two minutes in hand and the hill cut that in half. Next year, eh!!

  • Did Ned do it? Yes Ned did! Oh yeah baby..he really did it! Well done mate, it is a great achievement!!! You should be well pleased with yourself..good luck to you for your future runs!!

  • Thanks matey; I'm still grinning, and looking forward to the next one. Now we need to arrange some nice warm rain for you to run in!!

  • :-)

  • Well done OldNed!!!! Great time :D

  • Thank you; not so bad yourself if I remember correctly!!

  • Yeah! Feels great doesn't it?!

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