Feeling bit funny just now

unfortunately not ha ha funny . Only 10 days until 1 mile childrens cancer race with grandson Brody and things are not going to plan. The last wee while I have been thinking lots of 'if only'. I know there is no point in thinking like this but finding it really hard to shake myself out of way I am feeling .its so much easier to give advice than to follow it ! I have been overeating cheese bread butter cakes etc so feeling sluggish Was in bed 24 hrs with migraine tues /wed poss caused by reaction to dad's fall ,overeating fat /sugar, thinking about the reason doing this race Just back from first proper run for week and really really struggled Biting cold wind and rain didn't help . I know it doesn't matter about how I feel at race but I so wanted to be in best fitness I could and am really annoyed that once again I put too much pressure on myself for it all to be perfect Sorry sorry for moan


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  • Hi Fitfor60. It sounds as is you are having to contend with a lot at present so don't be so hard on yourself. At least you got out there for a run - and you know the next one will go much better. Sending you a virtual hug. I'm sure you'll get a great boost from the race when you do it.

  • Thank Ully runner your hug was most welcome

  • Don't beat yourself up ... it doesn't need to be perfect ... you are amazing ... keep reminding yourself of that ... YOU CAN DO THIS x

  • It's so weird that at my age i still worry about things that haven't even happened Thanks

  • Hi Fitfor60. It's not moaning so no need for sorry. You have such enormous things to cope with at the moment which are bound to have this effect on you. And on top of all that - Dad's had a fall. It never rains but it pours, the saying goes.

    I think that as Mums, we expect to be able to sort out all life's problems. That's our job, but sometimes it is not possible to sort everything - especially when it all comes at once.

    I remember you telling us why you wanted to get fit for the run, and we were all so inspired by your brave outlook. That brave outlook is going to get you through the run for Brody. There is still time for you to try to keep away from the cheese, butter etc so you will feel a lot sharper and able to do the run. You've already run much further than that and you are going to be just fine! :)

    It's time for you to be a lot kinder to yourself. How often have you thought about a run and surprised yourself how well you did, when you really didn't expect to? Well the same will probably happen again - you will probably exceed your expectations!

    It is going to be one of your best runs ever - because you are doing it for one of the most precious people in your life. Yes it must be awful for you but your love for Brody will get you through and you will shine!

    We will all be rooting for you on the day. Wishing you all the very best and loads of positive vibes!

  • Thank you so much Beek you have given me some good advice You are so right about the pressure we put on ourselves as mums but I think some people worry about the day that never happens ( me) and some just go with the flow And you nailed it when you said I still had time to feel a bit sharper Thats exactly how I want to feel -sharper and relaxed so I can enjoy it

  • Hello again, :) I'm sure that letting all those feelings out now will allow you to relax and you will enjoy the run. When the time comes for it just try to throw all your cares to the winds and indulge yourself in some well earned pleasurable running.

    All power to you! And we are all behind you for any support you may need!

  • Thanks

  • I know where you're coming from FF60. It's the enormity of the task and the realisation of the time available to do it. You have this game of mental tennis with yourself til you drive yourself crackers with it. I've entered a race and am having doubts about my capabilities, and questioning who the heck I think I am having the gall to think I can run a race with speed merchants. It's not about the race though is it? It's about everything else and what we need to do for ourselves. I've given up trying to rationalise it as quite frankly I've not got time. Neither I suspect have you with all the other stuff going on in your life. In a way I think it's a good thing as you filter out the extraneous

    I hope you can calm down a bit and enjoy the time on your own during your runs. I know for many of us it's the only time we get to ourselves and our thoughts.

    It's only one mile. You can do it. If you've done C25k then you are ready.

  • Some great advice miss wobble Mental tennis sums it up brilliantly as I feel I have this stuff going back and forward in my head I'm hoping it's all coming to surface now and I'll be in good place next week Sometimes feel so stupid and selfish when there so many people having to cope with far worse situations Thank goodness for running

  • Beek is right - it isn't a moan. Sometimes when you have too much on it is easier to distract yourself with smaller worries. You know you can do the run and maybe need to try and think of as a bit of light relief rather than putting yourself under pressure. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Linda x

  • You are right Linda Thanks for support

  • Believe me your doing fine. Coping at the best of times is hard, add in your dads fall and then top it off with feeling unwell, AND you still went out for a run after all that. That's proper dedication. We all have our wobble days were we feel we have lost our confidence, it's those days that actually help us go out when we don't feel like it. The cheese thing will get sorted too. Sometimes we go back to our old comforts, but we don't stay there too long. Go easy on yourself. I am sure the next run will be better and the one after that even better. Take care.

  • Because I have been feeling so good mentally since started running I find it hard when I do slip backwards But you are right rfc it's going back to old comforts but I now know they are not the answer it just makes me mad with myself when I go down this overeating route Its funny cos weight now not really about how i look but how I feel and how it affects my running

  • Hey FF! Please don't beat yourself up! You are such an inspiration to us all on here and we will all be on the virtual sidelines cheering you on during your race. You will do great and your family will quite rightly be so proud of you. Don't worry about the cheese - just think of the calcium! We women need it you know! And please don't feel you have to be perfect. Why do we women hang that millstone round our necks? Will be thinking of you and hope you feel more like yourself soon.

  • Such true words Hennith. Going to try and think of cheese as calcium and not associate it with guilt and food that's bad for me Once again just offloading thoughts and to all my running friends makes me feel better Reading the great advice and support you all give me helps tremendously Thanks

  • Virtual hug from me too fitfor60 . You have had a lot to cope with , you go on that run & you enjoy it we are only human & I'm same as you when stressed I eat , it's comforting it's not wrong . You will be great on the day I know you will . Go girl .

  • Thanks for hug rockette The daft thing is the food only makes you feel good for wee while but I think I just have to accept that's what I always turn to

  • Well I'm the same your not on your own there , some do drink some do drugs , we do food

  • With so much to cope with recently you really need to be a bit kinder to yourself. You were not moaning - and it's better to let your feelings out - bottling things up will just make matters far worse. You won't have any problem completing it and it's a special run for you and your grandson so think of it that way if possible and don't put pressure on yourself. I hope you are feeling much better very soon. Good luck and best wishes. Virtual hug on it's way.

  • Thanks for hug and kind words fitmo

  • Nothing is perfect......and there is nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so. Good luck FF60, we know you can do it. Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Yup I do tend to overthink things Thanks mr t

  • Be kind to yourself! Us mums are great at expecting to be able to do everything and sort everything, whatever it is life is throwing at us! You are running the mile for the best of reasons and you will be fab. I also have days when it's just too easy to go for the comfort food and I end up hating myself for it - every time you put those running shoes on, though, and head out the door you are doing something incredibly positive. Like I said, be kind to yourself and lots of love to you xx

  • Good advice spanner I hate to think what I would be like without my running It's been said many times but finding c25k and all my friends here and on Fb really has changed my life Everyone is so supportive Thanks

  • Great advice on here. I wish I could throw those mental doubts into the sea for all of us, but some would still swim back! However, you have done so well already, just keep remembering that. Look at all those you've inspired. Even athletes have doubts. The pros of running for the race and for running in general far outweigh the cons. Be kind to yourself. A run is better than no run. Keep hydrated and try to eat get some iron rich food to keep your energy going.

    Good luck and good health.

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